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Why I Purchased TWO Invisible Fence Break Locator For My Loved Ones

A Historical Summary Of Invisible Fence Break Locator

Here are some key points we think are important to consider when shopping. Search for breaks in the wire by turning the receiver on and walking along with it. Once you hear a sudden change in sound or silence, stop; this is where you’ll find the break. This is the whole point of this program- to find out where lost pets are hiding and then bring them back home so they can live a full life in safety.

invisible fence break locator

Perhaps the most clear sign that this issue is starting to take shape is when your dog is suddenly able to run through the invisible fence at certain points. Fortunately, there are about just as many ways to find and fix them too. You can take some extra wire and shorten the circuit to narrow down the broken segment, or use a wire break locator to pinpoint it. Or, you can do what I do when I don’t have either on hand (or when I just feel like a challenge) and use an AM radio to find the break in the dog fence wire by listening to the static.

When your dog activates their collar, the resulting shock is minimal—only enough for them to know that they’ve ventured too far. Tethering your dog is generally considered more inhumane, as this causes continuous stress. First, the transmitter has to be plugged into the wire that you’re trying to find. Insert a clamped wire into one of the nodes on either side, and you’re all set.

To find out where the wires in an electric fence break, you can choose any methods mentioned above. However, some fundamental concepts will be required, and the process will undoubtedly take some time. So, you have to stay calm invisible fence break locator and find out the primary reason for this broken wire in your electric dog fences. In addition, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of how the radio frequency signals work in different types of electric dog fences.

The easiest way to find a wire break in an underground fence wire is to use a commercial locator and the short loop method. Instead, disconnect the main wire and connect a short foot wire to your electric dog fence transmitter. We offer a no-nonsense Lifetime Limited Equipment Warranty on all our outdoor hidden fences, so you will never have to compromise your pet’s safety.

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