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Why Families Love their Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

New Detailed Map For Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

By identifying the source of interference, you can restore the system’s functionality and keep your pet happily within bounds. This unobtrusiveness can be especially appealing in communities with strict housing codes or in scenic areas where unobstructed views are prized. Additionally, the lack of physical barriers can maintain or even increase the property’s value, as potential buyers are not restricted by the style or condition of existing fencing. For the D-I-Y types who have experience working with electronics, here are a few tips if you wish to attempt the wire repair on your own. Depending on the type of driveway you have (concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick), the method changes.

invisible fence troubleshooting

If you’re a pet owner, you know the joy and companionship that our furry friends bring to our lives. But what happens when your PetSafe wireless fence, designed to keep your pet safe within the boundaries of your yard, starts beeping unexpectedly? Also make sure to put out the boundary flags if you’ve removed them to really drive the concept home. If you decide to go this route, make sure to give it at least invisible fence troubleshooting a couple weeks so that your dog gets used to the routine prior to trying out the invisible containment system again. As stated previously, if you go back to relying on the invisible fence system to contain your dog and they continually run through the fence line, then it’s probably time to call it quits. If it is a system that utilizes RFA-67 batteries, make sure that there is still plenty of life left on it.

invisible fence troubleshooting

A transmitter, usually placed in your basement or garage, sends a radio signal along the wire. That is why we create our Perfect Start Plus Training Program. Contact your local Invisible Fence Brand professional for more information. If you see your invisible fence collar blinking red, it is important to understand the meaning behind the flashing light.

Although limited in shape, wireless systems are easily transported, making them a great choice for renters or RV owners. Wired systems are created with a wire loop usually, though not necessarily, buried just below ground. Wireless systems use a central transmitter, usually located in the house or garage, to create a circular zone where your dog can roam. Yes, with an Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap battery in place, the Computer Collar unit is waterproof and can be submersed in water up to 10 feet. If the nylon collar strap becomes wet, it is recommended that it be removed from your pet and be allowed to air dry before replacing the collar on your pet’s neck.

Our Shields® Indoor and Outdoor Solutions work great for both dogs and cats. Invisible Fence® Brand boundary wire is a direct burial grade wire and has a life expectancy of 27 years left undisturbed in the ground. The correction from a Computer Collar® receiver may be uncomfortable and startling to your pet, but it will not hurt them. Many pets only feel the correction once or twice and don’t challenge the system afterwards. It is important to note that we have thousands of different customizable corrections and the correction used is based on the personality of your pet, not the size or breed.

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