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What You Must Do To Discover About Dog Fence Professionally Installed Before You are Left Behind

5 Winning Strategies To Use For Dog Fence Professionally Installed

Before you purchase an invisible dog fence kit, you should inquire about the quality of the wire included. Your invisible wire fence will work dog fence professionally installed effectively if you use a high-quality wire. Another advantage of using electric hidden/invincible fences is the convenience of installation.

dog fence professionally installed

But most importantly, the choice of your dog fence will depend on the qualities of fencing options you are looking for. If you get an additional dog, you simply buy a new collar and sync it to your existing boundary setup. All dogs will be contained by the same wireless fence perimeter you establish. Installing horse and farm fencing typically costs $2 per foot installed or $1,300 to $5,900 to fence one acre with wire fencing.

Dog Fence Professionally Installed

We have systems that can work with almost every budget and in most cases we can offer payment plans if needed. Our revolutionary hidden pet fencing uses an electronic collar and underground signal wire creating a virtual barrier to “contain” your pet. Your dog wears a receiver collar equipped with sensors that detect the signal from the boundary wire. When your dog approaches the designated boundary, the collar emits a warning tone or a mild static correction to discourage them from crossing the line.

Essentially an underground wire that sets up a boundary used by a collar, these fences are perfect for those who have the ability to put them in. Dog Guard Out of Sight Electronic Dog Fencing is a veterinarian-approved combination of animal training and state-of-the art electronic pet fencing. The most common type of professionally installed invisible fence system is inground fencing.

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