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What Direction To Go About Dog Fence Wire Break Before It’s Too Late

Seven Questions and Answers to Dog Fence Wire Break

Any time the dog moves towards a predefined boundary, a sound, and mild shock or both are released. Restricting his movements with a leash will only cause him health problems. On the other hand,  erecting a physical fence to keep your dog in the yard seems like a lot of work and its costly too.

dog fence wire break

The Pet Stop EcoLite Plus with Link offers incredible battery life with a robust set of features. The lightweight, built-in rechargeable battery pack is estimated to last 25 years. While you’ll charge it more often than that, you shouldn’t need to replace the battery within your dog’s dog fence wire break lifetime. Behold the clever collar, our four-legged champ’s personal guide! With smart technology and a dash of style, it beeps and zaps gently (no harm done!) to remind them of their invisible bounds. We want to ensure you get the right product at the right time for the right price.

Dog Fence Wire Break

But if you already have an invisible fence and your dog has been trained properly, the only reason your pup would be outside the fence is if the wire breaks. My step by step guide below will teach you how to repair an invisible fence wire. By using an invisible fence wire repair kit, you can swiftly address wire breaks and maintain the integrity of your pet containment system.

Models with more than one node size are also a good option for larger dogs, especially long hair breeds. A fence that includes multiple correction levels can also make sure the collar gets a larger determined dog’s attention. To find a break in a PetSafe dog fence, begin with a visual inspection for visible damage.

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