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You must carefully pull out all of the underground wire in your yard to inspect for any breakage. Unlike the traditional fence wire, the invisible fence doesn’t make your home look like a prison nor make your pet feel like a prisoner in it. Making use of a wire locator to find the invisible fence break is perhaps the most straightforward method. However, you also have to understand how the short circuit method works in order to employ the locator correctly and find the break in the underground dog fence wire.

invisible fence break locator

If you don’t find the fence laid along the perimeter, just work your way inwards, and you’re sure to find that wire buried somewhere, as no spot shall be overlooked in this manner. Your transmitter alarm beeping is now stopped, and the invisible fence should work perfectly. However, the good news is the broken wire can be fixed if it’s of good quality.

invisible fence break locator

The second thing you’d have learned is if there were any breaks in the wire or gaps in the fence. First, you’d need an underground wire locator capable of conducting a thorough search of your entire property. IPet Guides has dedicated years into research and testing products in order to provide you with the most recent and accurate reviews that you will ever surf/find on the web. Our goal is to help pet/dog owners invisible fence break locator achieve to train their dogs to be a well-disciplined pet without spending hundreds of dollars on Gimmick professional dog training. If your fence is causing you trouble after all the troubleshooting, Here’s a list of the most long-lasting invisible dog fences you can rely on. The best point to start with is visual inspection; finding the break in the wire with your eyes before moving to complicated methods.

Once you’ve pinpointed the area with a gap, it’s time to do a little digging. The wire that runs underground around your property emits the radio signal. Any cuts, breaks, orsections not buried deep enough can disrupt the transmission. Get a gardening trowel and carefully sift through the dirt right where the collar cut out.

The invisible fence logo, fencing pet safe radio safe dog power cap gate power shields pro lite r21 r51 a12 and computer collar are registered of systems corporation. Using a wire break locator can significantly simplify the process of locating breaks in the electric dog fence wire. It provides a more precise and targeted approach, allowing you to address the specific area where the break has occurred. A growing number of dog parents are trusting electric pet containment systems over traditional fences to protect their beloved four-legged friend. As great as electric dog fences are, it isn’t uncommon for a wire break to occur over their lifetime. Turn off your invisible fence system & carefully dig up the soil to find the underground dog fence wire.

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