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The Significance Of Invisible Fence Dog Collars

Unanswered Questions on Invisible Fence Dog Collars That You Ought To Learn About

All the products listed below are highly rated and offer multiple features for containing your animals safely. Invisible fence collars offer a convenient solution for pet owners seeking to define boundaries and ensure their pet’s safety within their property. However, careful consideration of safety aspects, thorough training, and ongoing maintenance are pivotal in ensuring the well-being and comfort of your furry companion. Invisible fence collars are a popular way to keep pets contained within a certain area, while offering them the freedom to roam without a physical barrier.

Invisible dog fence costs typically start at around $100 for cheaper kits that only support one dog. Mid-tier kits will run around $200 to $300 but are often modular, meaning you can get a price that suits your needs exactly. Then, products such as the SpotOn GPS collar for dogs, which allows you to fine-tune what GPS coordinates your dog can roam in, can cost north of $1,000.

invisible fence dog collars

The SpotOn GPS invisible fence system for dogs includes innovative technology that allows you to create boundaries and perimeters wherever you go. With this feature, you can set up allowable space at your home, and when travelling, with minimal effort. As dog caretakers, we wanted to know which invisible fences were the best of the best.

However, it’s essential to choose the right collar for your pet’s needs and temperament, and to install and use the collar correctly. With careful selection and training, an invisible fence collar can provide your pet with freedom and peace of mind. Each invisible dog fence system has a transmitter box that emits a specific radio field, travelling along a copper-insulated boundary wire. Meanwhile, the dog wears a collar with a receiver that can detect radio signal transmissions from the boundary wire.

We are a locally owned and family operated business since 1995 with 25+ years experience in keeping pets safe. No two quotes are the same since we personalize everything for you, your home, and your pet. Whether you have 5 cats, 1 dog, or a multi-species household who have access to the whole yard or only certain areas of the house, we have a solution for you. With a wide range of containment and avoidance products, our Pet Consultants will find the Invisible Fence® Brand solution that’s right for you.

The levels of adjustability make it an effective option for timid and bold dogs alike. And if you’ve got more than one pup to contain, you can purchase a invisible fence dog collars system for multiple dogs. The collar and receiver are waterproof into up to 25 feet of water for those dogs who can’t stay out of every puddle and pond.

The multi dogs system also allows you to set different corrections for each dog too. Something that’s great about the Stay and Play is its multi dogs system. Here, you can create circular boundaries that can cover a 3/4 acre of land. However, unlike GPS-based wireless fences, you won’t get any alerts.

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