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The Invisible Fence Troubleshooting Hide

Step by step Notes on Invisible Fence Troubleshooting In Step by Step Order

While considering invisible fences, it’s worthwhile to explore products that complement these systems, like the Fi Dog Collar. It doesn’t function as a traditional part of an invisible fence system, as it does not vibrate or shock. Instead, it enhances pet safety by providing precise location tracking and activity monitoring.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Pay attention to the battery status indicated by the color of the light. Green indicates a fully charged battery, amber signifies a medium charge, and red means the battery needs to be charged. If none of the above tips resolve the red blinking light issue, it may be helpful to test the fence line continuity. This will ensure that there are no breaks or faults in the invisible fence system. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to perform a continuity test. If any faults are detected, it is recommended to contact a professional or the manufacturer for assistance in repairing the invisible fence.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Your system is entirely healthy, but your dog is not safe if the collar batteries are dead or corrupted. That’s when you need a specialized tool to locate the wire breakage/s. Checkout this guide if you want to know how to test an invisible fence battery. Your dog may be escaping because the collar batteries are dead. To do this, begin with both pieces turned off—the main box should be plugged in but not running since there needs to be no current in the wire. Oftentimes, before adding additional bulbs or trying anything else, all you need to do is change out some batteries.

Most collars require a specially designed 3-volt lithium power cap battery, which can be purchased from your local Invisible Fence dealer or online. The battery typically lasts for about 3 to 4 months, depending on usage. To adjust the strength invisible fence troubleshooting of an invisible fence collar, locate the adjustment dial on the collar and turn it to increase or decrease the level of static correction. Test the collar on yourself to ensure it is at a comfortable and effective level for your pet.

When all else fails, don’t hesitate to reach out to PetSafe’s customer support. They’re experts in troubleshooting and can provide tailored solutions based on your situation. One house and three dogs later, Invisible Fence Brand is still the best solution for keeping my dogs safe and healthy. Initially, the collar emits a warning beep, and if the pet continues closer, it delivers a mild electric shock.

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