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Many people feel that “shocking” a dog is harmful and an inhumane method of training. With Hidden Fences there are so many more factors involved than just a shock. It will likely become an everyday task for you to switch the system off when you take your dog beyond the fenceline. The answer is that an electric fence IS NOT REQUIRED to complete a full loop. Moreover, ensure the collar is placed correctly and touching your dog’s skin.

Regardless of challenging terrains or unpredictable Nebraska weather, our custom GPS fencing solution ensures unparalleled safety for your pooch, leaving you worry-free. Explore the SpotOn Fence, tailor it to your specific needs in Omaha, and witness your dog relish in their newfound liberty, always within the safety of your customized boundaries. We will walk your property, discuss options to match your goals, and provide a competitively priced quote for your new custom fence. We offer a range of fencing materials including wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and ornamental iron fences to match the look and function you want.

These corrections often feel more like a muscle twitch rather than an electrical shock. Labor makes up the largest portion of the cost to install an invisible fence, totaling up to 75% of the project cost for underground invisible fences or adding about $100 to $200. In-ground invisible fences require several hours to complete and require specialized tools for specific brands.

Stick to this program consistently but, do not train for more that fifteen minutes at a time or you risk losing your dog’s attention and the training becoming counter-productive. Remember that the most important elements in teaching a behavior are consistency and repetition. In the event that the invisible fence system requires repair, it is recommended to contact a professional to ensure that the system is repaired correctly. Overall, the maintenance and upkeep of an invisible fence is minimal and can be easily managed by most pet owners.

invisible fence professionally installed

One question that many people have about training collars for dogs is whether or not the battery needs to be changed on a regular basis. The answer to this question depends on the specific collar that you are using and the type of battery it uses. It is important to use no bark training invisible fence professionally installed collars responsibly, following the manufacturer’s instructions and avoiding overuse or misuse of the collar. These collars should be used as a supplement to positive reinforcement training, not as a replacement, and should only be used on dogs that are at least six months old.

You don’t want a system that shocks him unnecessarily, nor do you want a system that fails to contain him safely in his own yard. Some electric fences cost less than others, but you’re simply not going to get a quality fence for under $50. You needn’t be a handyman or electrician to install your electric fence.

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