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The Idiot’s Guide To Invisible Fence Break Locator Described

What’s So Interesting About Invisible Fence Break Locator?

In addition, a slight shock is sent to their collar every time they breach this boundary, prompting them to immediately walk in the opposite direction. If all tests passed, there might be a break in the boundary wire. You’ll need to carefully dig up the invisible fence wires to locate the wire break.

Once you’ve pinpointed the area with a gap, it’s time to do a little digging. The wire that runs underground around your property emits the radio signal. Any cuts, breaks, orsections not buried deep enough can disrupt the transmission. Get a gardening trowel and carefully sift through the dirt right where the collar cut out.

That might sound expensive, but it costs less than hiring an electrician to fix the problem or replacing the entire fence system. Most pet owners establish an invisible fence along the perimeter of their property, and if you’ve shifted into a new house, that’s probably the best place to start. An underground dog fence collar can stop giving the correction shock to your dog. You can check whether the contact posts are correctly fixed and change the contact posts given by the manufacturer if necessary. Whereas the receiver act as a detector, so whenever your dog comes close to the wire underground, it catches the signals the wire is transmitting, and the correction system wakes up. This is by far the easiest way to find a break, with wire break locators specifically made for the invisible fence model being the simplest to operate.

While walking the perimeter of your fence, wave the device over the general area of the ground wires as you do so. If you’re using a wire locator, it will stop beeping when it passes over a break. The static should disappear for a short period if you’re using a homemade detector. Once you’ve identified the spot responsible for allowing your pet to escape, it’s time for repairs. The good news is fixing invisible fences is usually not too complex. But it does require getting your hands dirty to bury the wire back underground properly.

invisible fence break locator

Now it’s time to get outside and do a sweep of your property line. Start at one end and slowly walk along the entire boundary set in your control box, with your dog wearing the collar. Watch invisible fence break locator to see if the collar gives any correction clicks or tones as you cross each point. If it cuts out for a section, you’ve likely identified where the break in the signal coverage is happening.

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