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The Honest to Goodness Truth on Invisible Fence Installation

The Honest to Goodness Truth on Invisible Fence Installation

The pet containment system is programmable – the signal is tunable to pet’s sensitivity and can be used at different frequencies (preventing interference with any other similar system in the area). As we already said, the batteries have to be replaced every couple of months, depending on how often one’s pet tests his new boundaries. The cost of the underground wiring for your fence can be extremely variable, ranging from $50 to $2,500 and depends on the brand and the required amount of it. Every dog, family and property is unique, which is why we customize every Invisible Fence system to meet your specific needs. Size of property, type of equipment purchased and number of pets on the system are all factors that must be considered when determining the final price. Dogs and cats of all sizes, breeds, ages, and temperaments have successfully been trained on Invisible Fence.

The purpose is to keep your pet inside the property by giving him mild correction stimulations whenever he gets close to it. The collar receivers that come together with fences have a comfortable design, as they’re coated in rubber and have a low weight (around 1.1 ounces). This means that most dogs don’t even notice the collar while wearing one. In most cases, they’re durable enough to withstand all kinds of damage (like chewing) and can also be waterproof.

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The cost range for each type of system, buried wire or wireless, and its accessories such as additional collars is included. Our goal is to make it easy to compare invisible dog fence cost as you decide which system is right for you and your pet. When it comes to the cost of installing an invisible dog fence, there are a few key factors to consider.

If you have more than one dog, you will need to buy more collars. If you are enclosing a larger area, you will need to buy more wire. There are concerns about using an underground dog fence because invisible fence installation they don’t keep other animals out of your yard. They won’t prevent a stranger or someone from coming into your yard and taking your dog where a traditional fence might be more of a deterrent.

The labor cost to install a wireless or GPS invisible fence system will largely come in the form of a flat fee that ranges from $100 to $200. Installing an inground invisible fence typically takes several hours to complete and may require the use of specialized tools, depending on the brand. Installers will need to dig up the perimeter where the homeowner wants the fence installed and run a wire through this trough, connecting it to the home.

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