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Kids, Work and Invisible Fence For Large Dogs

About Invisible Fence For Large Dogs

I have even placed flags where the is no fence and she stays away from the marked flags. My puppy has ran through a few times but only when she was very excited and did not notice she was near the boundary. In most cases, a dog will require about 3 weeks of consistent training before the owner will see significant results.

As the dog moves closer to the border, the collar will discourage a dog from crossing the invisible fence by warning, alerting, and then correcting the dog. The electrical correction invisible fence for large dogs setting is usually on the collar in the form of a small dial. Use the lowest effective setting, as too much of a jolt may inhibit the dog from enjoying the yard.

invisible fence for large dogs

You can even take it on vacation since it doesn’t require any set-up at all – simply pack it up and take it with you from home and plug it into any wall outlet. The best way to keep your dog safe when you’re not home is to use a physical fence or an electronic dog door. You should ensure that your dog has a collar that fits correctly and that you regularly check the transmitter to make sure it’s working perfectly. Most importantly, wireless fences provide a safe, secure boundary for your dog without restricting its movement or freedom. The receiver contains a battery and will need to recharge periodically. Some wireless fence systems come with a “collar key,” which temporarily disables the system, for example, if you are taking your dog to the vet.

Top that with IP67 rating against water and dust; you’re looking at a highly durable system here. No matter if you have a large or small yard, the PetSafe YardMax In-Ground Fence is a standard wire-based system that can contain dogs in any shaped space up to ten acres. This fence works with unlimited collars for multiple dogs or multi-pet households. Wireless fences only create a circular boundary, but an in-ground fence is custom tailored to your property boundary. Of course, that means you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and dig a trench for your wire.

It has seven levels of intensity for both shock and vibration modes. All containment systems come with professional installation, hands-on expert system training, and a one year money-back performance guarantee. The UTOPB wireless fence has one of the longest ranges we could find. Advertised to reach up to 820 feet this unit is great for distance.

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