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Invisible Fence Training Customer Review

What Many People Are Expressing About Invisible Fence Training And What You Ought To Do

Like the Deluxe fence, it covers one-third of an acre straight out of the box. While the Deluxe can expand to cover up to 25 acres, additional fencing and flags will only buy you up to 5.3 acres of protection if you opt for the Basic model. Copyright © 2024 dog training techniques

For small yards, our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology lets your dog or cat play right up to the edge of your property, providing on average 30% more yard space. For larger yards more than five acres, we offer a GPS Wireless Containment System that uses GPS satellite technology to set custom boundaries around your property. Using an invisible fence does not mean that you have to sacrifice affection and playtime with your dog. It is important to continue spending quality time with your dog and give them plenty of attention and love.

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That’s why Invisible Fence is the pioneer of the pet containment industry—allowing pets to explore their yard, all within safe boundaries. Before applying static correction, it’s important to allow your pet to become accustomed to the fence without correction enabled. A dog retreat is a great way to create a safe zone for your dog to explore and become familiar with the fence. Without question, training is absolutely the most important aspect of making an invisible dog fence work for you. I really can’t stress this point enough, so I’ll say it again another way… Below are the types of dog breeds that do exceptionally well with invisible fences.

Installing a dog fence on your own might be a tedious task to do. Now unplug the wire end from the transmitter you connected in step 02, and twist both wires together up to the boundary invisible fence training trench. Place your transmitter in the desired location (you can later wall mount it), connect one end of your wire to the transmitter, and pull your wire into your yard.

They consist of a wire that is buried a few inches underground around the perimeter of the desired containment area. This wire is connected to a transmitter which is typically installed in a garage or shed. The transmitter emits a radio signal that travels through the wire. The key advantage of a wired system is its reliability and the ability to custom-shape the boundary to fit any yard size or shape precisely.

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