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Installing Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats

Powerful Strategies For Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats That You Can Use Beginning Today

Choose from our classic Wired system, our app-connected Smart system (available in the U.S.), or the completely Wireless GPS system, all powered by our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. Wireless invisible fences have a plug-and-play design, but they’re also adjustable. After plugging the transmitter into a wall outlet, you can adjust the size of the invisible dome around your house. Deborah R. Fletcher, DVM, is a skilled veterinarian with more than 15 years of experience dealing with companion and exotic animals. She has experience caring for a variety of animals, including household cats and dogs, reptiles, birds of prey, and even primates.

invisible fence equipment for cats

Some invisible fences for cats work in the same way, transmitting to a collar your cat wears and issuing a shock or vibration when the cat gets too close to the boundary. At Invisible Fence® Brand, we’re passionate about protecting pets so you can focus on fun! Let’s talk and invisible fence equipment for cats we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet. Most invisible fences that are the right size will work for both cats and dogs. The most important part of choosing a collar for your cat is to select one that can be used on felines.

When approaching the perimeter, the collar will emit a vibrational or electrical stimulation which can be used for training. It can also be equipped with flags to assist in marking the area during training. From professional installation of our best-in-class containment systems to our exclusive Perfect Start™ Plus training and beyond, we’re always here for you and your pet. Unlike other DIY dog fence companies, Invisible Fence® Brand provides pet owners with containment solutions designed for multi-pet homes. Featuring a choice of either audio or static correction, the PetSafe Wireless containment collar lets you safely set restricted locations for your pets – either cats or dogs.

Also, the fence features a built-in indicator that gets activated in case of any cut or break in the underground wire. What’s more, you can have as many receiver collars connected to your kit as possible. It is then followed by a progressive static correction that gets the attention of your feline to move away from the barrier. The static correction lasts for three to a maximum of 15 seconds. You can adjust the collar to suit your cat’s temperament, and it includes a stretch section for your cat’s safety.

This wireless unit from PetSafe allows you to customize the diameter of your fenced zone from 10 to 180 feet. Boundary Plus® Technology is exclusive to Invisible Fence. It’s the only electric fence on the market with zero accidental yard lockouts because unlike other systems we do not give pets mixed signals that keep them from re-entering their yard. We take pride in preventing breakout in the first place thanks to our endless boundary that doesn’t allow pets to run beyond the signal’s reach. This gives pets the most room and longest range, while giving owners complete confidence. We have a pet containment guarantee to ease your mind and to help you decide to get started with one of our proven systems.

If you want to keep your cat out of an area, the second option is likely best for your purposes. However, they tend to be a bit less reliable than other options. Because they work off a signal alone, anything that messes with the signal transmission can change where the correction begins. They work by detecting when the collar goes over the wire.

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