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That said, remember that not all dog containment systems are created equal. While many people disagree, these systems could be effective in keeping your dogs contained. They take time to install, and after all of this, many dogs escape artists still find a way to get out.

invisible fence installation cost

The wires connect to a control panel that will trigger a small shock on a dog’s collar when it nears the buried wires. It’s an effective method to keep pets in the yard without having to build a complete fence. The average invisible fence cost is $200 to $2,500, depending on the size and number of pets. Homeowners will also need to factor the cost of training their dog to use the invisible fence into their overall budget. This page of Costimates provides an overview of your options for an electric fence for dogs. The cost range for each type of system, buried wire or wireless, and its accessories such as additional collars is included.

invisible fence installation cost

A retail fence can cost around $400, less than the average cost of a higher-end invisible electric fence, which is about $1,750. When installing an electric fence, you can choose between an invisible electric fence and invisible fence installation cost an aboveground electric fence. An invisible fence tends to be less expensive and is the best fence for a dog. Aboveground electric fences cost more and are best for larger animals like horses, cattle, and goats.

The Pet Control HQ dog fence is modular, allowing buyers to add enough wire to cover 10 acres. Those who have an electronic fence can all agree that it is the perfect way to keep your dog in your yard. When you have an invisible fence, your dog has the freedom to roam while you can stay certain that the dog remains safe on your property. Another great benefit is that you can create boundaries within the property to keep the dog out of places like flower beds and shrubbery, confining them to specific locations. Doing the job yourself costs significantly less than having the system installed professionally.

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