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How Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats transformed our lives in The Brand New Year

New Detail by detail Roadmap For Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats

Invisible fences can indeed scare any cat away from the idea of crossing any boundaries. Unfortunately, they may also inflict emotional trauma on your pet. They might cause anger, stress, anxiety, or other kinds of harm. Road accidents are probably among the first things that come to mind when considering outdoor disasters.

invisible fence equipment for cats

Feel informed and reassured with our Boundary Plus Smart® Application, compatible with IOS or Android. A feature that gives you convenient access to dashboards with notifications about the status of your system and battery level. We offer competitive wages, generous benefits, and promotional opportunities at a family owned and operated business that really cares about employees. Fence installers typically charge by the hour when working on a project. Typically, you can expect to pay around $50 per hour for fence installation.

invisible fence equipment for cats

We also offer a special trade-in pricing for current Invisible Fence® brand owners. We service ALL brands of Invisible Dog fence systems, Invisible Fence(TM) , DogWatch(TM), PetSafe(TM), Perimeter(TM) Innotek(TM) and any DIY brands. With a wide range of containment and avoidance products, our Pet Consultants will find the Invisible Fence® Brand solution that’s right invisible fence equipment for cats for you. Invisible Fence can be installed on large acres, small parcels and uniquely shaped properties. Typically, we can go down to 1/8th of an acre depending on factors like lot shape and terrain. For small yards, our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology lets your dog or cat play right up to the edge of your property, providing on average 30% more yard space.

These devices can be life savers in many situations, and help to keep your pets away from the kitchen counter, beds, tables, sofas, or any other area you want to keep pet free. Lastly, the collar has built-in lights and speakers, which can be activated on demand. This helps when you need to track down your cat, but they might be hiding quietly behind or underneath something. Invisible Fence can be installed on properties with several acres, small parcels and uniquely shaped lots. Invisible Fence® Brand Power Cap® Plans are there to help you make sure your pet’s Computer Collar® Receiver is always charged and ready to go.

The electronic control unit is recommended to be installed indoor or undercover as it is not waterproof. The transmitter box generates the radio signal that travels through the underground wire along your fence line. The size of the active zone has range from 0.3 to approx 2 metres. The zone range LEDs on the transmitter indicates the zone size/boundary width. The unit has been factory preset to boundary width to 1 metre. Another safety feature with the PAC containment system is the battery backup.

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