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Great Things About Invisible Fence Training

An Unbiased View of Invisible Fence Training

One of those thighs is running off or running out into traffic, one of the most significant risk factors to a puppy’s health. Many puppies have been maimed and killed by running out into traffic, and just as many have run off, never to be seen again. Then invisible fence training there’s the problem with them, for example, running into the neighbor’s yard and digging up their flowers or otherwise making a mess. We also offer a minimum of a one-year equipment warranty and many of our systems include a lifetime equipment warranty.

You should also place flags to designate the boundaries so that there is also a visual cue for your dog to follow. Now that we have a solid understanding of how invisible fences work and the different types available, let’s move on to selecting the right invisible fence system for your dog. Although invisible fences are not 100% effective, they are good at what they do. Choosing an invisible fence system with a training program designed specifically for the product is better than playing the guessing game with other systems. This will entice your dog to cross the perimeter by creating a distraction.Dogs are usually easily distracted unless they are trained to avoid distractions.

invisible fence training

If your dog ventures to where the collar signals your dog with an audio cue that he is too close to the boundary, call your dog and reward him for coming to you with play. When he approaches the fence line too closely he will receive correction. When the collar signals your dog with an audio signal that he is close to the boundary, call your dog. Reward him for coming to you and leaving the perimeter of the fence line. If your dog ignores the audio signal and goes past the boundary, he will receive a mild corrective stimulus. You can create a fence for your dog with this weekend do-it-yourself PetSafe Basic In-Ground Pet Fence.

When approaching a boundary, your dog will receive a customizable warning. This triggers your dog’s associative memory, and your dog will learn that a warning means “keep away” from the boundary. Two more tiers of preventions are applied if your dog is distracted and ignores the boundary. Use these small bluetooth devices to create keep-away areas or ignore fences when taking your dog outside fence boundaries. The collar can provide sound, vibration, and static feedback—whatever is best for your dog.

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