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Giving Dog Fence Break Locator As Presents

Facts, Fiction and Dog Fence Break Locator

If you ever need to have the invisible dog fence removed, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the installation company that originally installed it. These companies typically have a record of where they placed the wires for the invisible dog fence. Once you have the ground wire secured to your electric fence, take the probe end to check for a break in the circuit by reading your voltage meter. The device has a voltage reader on it and it will not register if there is not a current touching the probe end of your device.

Helps easily locate partial wire breaks within your In-Ground Fence™ system. The new and improved Boundary Wire Break Locator helps easily detect wire breaks within any in-ground fence system. A wire break locator works by sending a specialized signal through the boundary wire. The break locator unit generates a radio frequency signal that is passed through the wire. By using the locator receiver, you can track the signal and narrow down the exact location of the break.

By holding the wire break locator, walk along the perimeter of your yard where the underground fence is installed. Move slowly and pay attention to any changes in the signal strength indicated by the device. A wire break locator shows some signals that change when it detects a break. So immediately mark the area and focus on a specific area where the break might be located and repair the wire break.

dog fence break locator

Dig deep enough to expose the wire and give yourself enough space to work with during the repair. The easiest way to fix a wire break in your DogWatch Hidden Fence is to call your local DogWatch Dealer. You can also request a service call via our Service Request Form. Our DogWatch Dealers and their dog fence break locator installation teams are experienced in fixing wire breaks quickly and thoroughly. Then, take your extra wire and test whether the transmitter is working correctly. A short length of test wire will do for this, and some invisible fence kits even come with a short wire meant exactly for this.

An invisible dog fence, also known as a pet containment system, is a device that keeps your dog within a defined boundary without the need for a physical fence or wall. Invisible Dog Fences work by transmitting a signal from a boundary wire or a central unit to your dog’s collar. Moreover, we explored the importance of testing the fence line to ensure optimal functionality. By walking along the perimeter and checking for consistent signals from the collar receiver, you can detect any weak spots or areas that require further examination. With your electric dog fence back in full working order, you can provide a safe and secure environment for your beloved pet to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. To use a wire break locator, start by connecting the locator unit to the boundary wire.

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