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Dog Fence Wire Break Kit Help!

The Three Major Materials Used in the Production of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

The pros use either a 14 or 16-gauge wire with a 45 mL thickness coating. The coating gives the interior copper a solid, waterproof layer of protection making it much more durable than the 20-gauge manufacturer vinyl coating that is not waterproof. While either type of wire will work for your initial installation, the main difference is how many times you will have to repair or replace your dog fence wire over the years.

Testing the fence line involves checking the signal transmission along the boundary wire to verify that it is working as intended. The wire-based electric dog fences typically consist of a buried wire that creates an invisible boundary. The wire is connected to a transmitter, which dog fence wire break kit emits a signal to the dog’s collar. The collar picks up the signal and delivers an electric correction to deter the dog from crossing the boundary. On the other hand, wireless dog fences use a transmitter to create a circular boundary without the need for a physical wire.

dog fence wire break kit

When you compare it to the wire that comes in prepackaged kits, our wire has 7X the thickness. Our eXtreme™ Twisted Dog Fence Wire is a durable and thick 14-gauge twisted wire. It has a superior wire coating that is 3 times thicker than any other gauge of twisted wire. This is an ideal depth for adequate signal transmission and protection from lawnmower or other lawn activity damage.

Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Our eXtreme Max Brand Wire is coated in a thick, 60 ml polyethylene jacket, which is the best coating available today. It has been thoroughly tested and tried for maximum performance. The highest-quality, solid core dog fence wire available, our eXtreme Dog Fence Max Brand is made right here at home in the USA with imported parts.

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