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Difficulties with Your Invisible Fence Installation

Life, Death and Invisible Fence Installation

Yet, there are some people who think that cats are expressionless, especially when compared to other animals. Well, science has once again come through to prove that cats are social and communicative; you just have to know how to read them. Wireless fence kits are easy to take with you and install on a new property when moving. It’s also important to factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs, as these can add up over time.

The nightmare of imagining your pup running free into potential dangers is something all dog owners share. The Bob Vila team distills need-to-know information into project tutorials, maintenance guides, tool 101s, and more. These home and garden experts then thoroughly research, vet, and recommend products that support homeowners, renters, DIYers, and professionals in their to-do lists. A highly motivated dog can run through an invisible fence if it’s chasing a squirrel, for example, or if it feels the home or family is under threat. As the dog moves closer to the border, the collar will discourage a dog from crossing the invisible fence by warning, alerting, and then correcting the dog.

Consider these top options for saving money on invisible fence costs. Pets will not automatically respect the barrier the moment the invisible fence is installed, so homeowners will want to be prepared for at least 3 weeks of consistent training. Some people will take on this training themselves, dedicating time, energy, and patience to ensure their pets understand the new limits of the yard. However, many invisible fence installation companies offer pet training services. For homes with two or more pets, the cost increases by the number of pets. This means that if a homeowner has three dogs, they will need to pay for at least three collars, adding about $300 to $600 to the total.

invisible fence installation

If you have a very large yard you’ll want to make sure to have enough extension cords or buy or rent the gas-powered trencher shown below. SpotOn even offers a great non-aversive training plan you can use that relies on positive reinforcement boundary training. Just read instructions carefully and make sure you have a map of your property. You don’t want to go digging around your yard and accidentally hit a water line or anything else potentially disastrous. When trying it out, I did indeed find that this unit seemed to yield a less consistent containment zone than the original model.

invisible fence installation

To establish an invisible boundary with a wired fence, a small trench must be dug for the wire, and marker flags need to be securely placed. In cases where the wire must cross concrete surfaces or paths, a circular saw will be indispensable for cutting a small trench. If you reside near a bustling highway, lush woods, or sprawling farm, you understand the constant concern about your dog’s safety and the fear of them venturing beyond the yard.

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