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Benefits Of Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats

Where To Find Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats

The main problem with electric fences for cats is the size of the collar. Invisible fences might be a good option for some cats and some situations, but in most cases, they’re far from ideal. In the best-case scenario, an invisible fence might stop your cat from running away and keep him out of the street. While it might be—if training is successful—able to keep your cat away from unsafe areas, an invisible fence does nothing to protect your cat from the other dangers of the outdoors. These fences take a couple of hours to install and will usually require a little digging, but you’ll be rewarded for the extra effort.

invisible fence equipment for cats

With our innovative Doorman™ Electronic Pet Door, your pet has total freedom to go outside and come back in—so you can worry less about pet accidents in the house. The Doorman is an automatic pet door that is programmable, convenient and secure. Plus, it’s compatible with our other solutions and products. The collar of this simple and one-of-a-kind wireless device incorporates GPS location technology. The collar is tiny enough for cats weighing up to 5 pounds and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

To keep your cat contained outside, you may find that a real enclosure (sometimes known as a “catio”) is a better option than an invisible fence. This invisible fence system is one of the few that is specifically developed for cats. It comes with a lightweight collar that is tiny enough for older kittens and adult cats of modest sizes. The world outside your house can be perilous for a cat, but with the help of an invisible fence, you can make it safe for your feline to enjoy your yard.

It comes with a set of flags as visible indicators of the confinement zone. For our outdoor containment solutions, a wire is installed around the perimeter of your property, creating the Invisible Boundary®. The radio signal is picked up by your pet’s Computer Collar® Receiver, which emits a warning sound when your pet approaches the boundary. We pair our exclusive technology with animal-behaviorist approved training to ensure a stress-free transition while your pet learns its new boundary.

Outdoor cats confront numerous threats that even invisible fences cannot remove. A standard invisible fence system for cats weighing more than 5 pounds. A transmitter, collar with a rechargeable battery, and fence wire are included. Outdoor invisible fence equipment for cats invisible fences are typically used to keep the cat within a specific area while indoors fences are used to keep cats away from a certain area. Keep reading to learn more about invisible fences for cats and how to shop for one.

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