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Details Of Invisible Fence Break Locator

The Unexposed Secret of Invisible Fence Break Locator

Get an Am Radio to Locate the BreakNow it’s time to pull your old AM radio out and set it to the lowest AM setting so it can detect the radio signals coming from the transmitter. Once radio tuned, go outside in your yard and walk the entire perimeter. The point where radio invisible fence break locator systems stop working and don’t catch any signal around four to five feet will indicate the line break. Imagine absurd your front patio look if it has countless muddy paw prints. Repair or replace this broken segment and use your extra wire again for testing wire continuity.

Repeat this each time you reconnect one of the segments you cut off to find the break. DogWatch is the ONLY hidden fence that uses an FM frequency; all other hidden dog fences operate on an AM signal. Our patented digital SafeLink® technology is the cleanest, safest, most consistent signaling on the market today. Our team noted that dog owners who reviewed this product appreciated this invisible fence’s simple and quick installation. They included that it only took a couple of hours to set up, which was on par with their expectations. Customers also spoke highly of the manufacturer’s customer service team that assisted with troubleshooting.

invisible fence break locator

However, although the loop is buried 1-3 inches down the ground’s surface, it still can damage or break. The simplest causes of the wire break are heavy traffic, weed whacking, gardening, edging, and rodents. After verifying that the transmitter and collars indeed work, dig up the buried wire at the halfway point and then cut it in half. Take the rest of your extra wire and plug it into one of the transmitter terminals. Then, plug in one end of the boundary wire into the other transmitter terminal.

Invisible fence wires have very thin insulated strands inside. Carefully strip 1/2 inch of the plastic casing on each severed end and twist the copper wires together tightly. Then cover with waterproof electrical tape, making sure to go past the twist by at least 1 inch on each side. As a last resort, if you’ve checked everything else but still can’t solve the problem, it may be time to test your transmitter box.

An underground dog fence is one of the most reliable ways to keep a dog confined to a specific area, and is considered to be fairly humane to boot. This is especially true if you purchase a model that only uses citronella spray or similar, which is my preferred kind of correction if I can get it. Invisible fence systems are endorsed by animal behaviorists, veterinarians, veterinary schools, the ASPCA, and HSUS[1]. We also cover how to use an AM radio and a lawnmower to find underground breaks in a separate article. Use this method only if you don’t feel like buying a commercial wire locator.

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