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About Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

7 Cut-Throat Invisible Fence Troubleshooting Techniques That Never Fails

Our Outdoor Avoidance Units create a customizable ‘stay away’ zone for your pet to keep them, and your landscaping, safe. These discreet units can protect anything from your grill to your flower bed keeping your pet out of trouble and giving you less to worry about. Invisible fences come in various types, each suited to different needs and property layouts. Understanding these types helps in choosing the most suitable one for your specific situation. When the power is out, your Invisible Fence® Brand system will continue to operate with the optional battery back-up. If the power outage lasts an hour or more, consider alternate methods of containment.

It is important to address this issue promptly to ensure the effectiveness and safety of your electric fence system. In case you face persistent issues or are unsure about the adjustment process, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from professionals experienced in invisible fence systems. They can provide valuable insights and assistance tailored to your specific needs.

invisible fence troubleshooting

We love the freedom of just letting them out in our yard with no worries. Invisible Fence® Brand uses digital radio frequencies to operate your system. It’s just like tuning in to your favorite satellite radio station. Digital signals are stronger and more reliable than AM/FM analog signals. Now that we’ve covered troubleshooting, let’s conclude our article. By addressing these factors, you can minimize false alarms and ensure a serene outdoor experience for your pet.

invisible fence troubleshooting

Available only through Invisible Fence® Brand, Boundary Plus® Systems are the only containment systems that provide up to 30% more yard space and prevent pets from being locked out of their yard. Choose from our classic Wired System, invisible fence troubleshooting our app-connected Smart System (available in the U.S.), or the completely Wireless GPS System, all powered by our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. For a product like the Fi Dog Collar, ease of use is a key feature.

The static correction from a Computer Collar Receiver is similar to the sensation you feel when you run your hand across a TV screen or when you walk across a carpet and touch a metal doorknob. The sensation momentarily surprises you and gets your attention. While the correction from a Computer Collar Receiver may be uncomfortable and startling to your pet, it will not hurt them.

You will be provided with a yard sign to inform neighbors that your pet is safely contained on your property by an Invisible Fence system. Yes, we offer extensive guarantees and warranties on all our products including a One-Year, Money-Back Performance Guarantee on professionally installed, premium outdoor Invisible Fence systems. We also offer a minimum of a one-year equipment warranty and many of our systems include a lifetime equipment warranty. So not only is your pet happy and safe – so is your investment.

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