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Adding Dog Fence

How My Dog Fence Saves Me Time

As a Doberman dog owner, I’ve never had a collar sizing issue, and the Halo didn’t disappoint. This metal fence is durable and powder-coated to prevent rust and increase its longevity. The included rods keep the posts in the ground, and the gate has a “gravity-activated” locking mechanism that keeps your dog secure.

dog fence

And sometimes, electric hidden fences will be one of the only options for owners who are not allowed to put up a physical traditional fence due to HOAs or budgetary constraints. The most tricky part of the process is running the dog fence wire if you’re using a wired model. To do this properly, it may require digging a shallow runway to bury the wire under. For average yards, this should be completable within the span of a weekend, weather permitting. Alternatively, grab a wireless model that “throws” a radius around a central point for your dog to roam through.

Dog Fence

That would defeat the entire point of these freedom-loving devices, after all. Instead, wired means a bit of busy work for you—having to lay it out around the yard and possibly do some digging—in exchange for precision control. Portable dog fences range in price depending on the type of fence you’re looking for.

Picket fencing is highly customizable, so you can choose from different designs and colorways. Some dogs have no trouble hopping a fence, but we’ve found the perfect product to stop this unwanted behavior. Dog dog fence proofer fence extension kits stop canines from climbing and jumping by utilizing fence extension arms to extend your fence up to 2’. Peek bubbles are created from thick acrylic, and cleaning is easy-peasy.

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