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The Halo training process will help you customize the feedback that your dog will respond to, based on their personality and learning style. With a range of static levels available, you can provide the right tap-on-the-shoulder effect that is most appropriate to keep your dog safe. Halo is half the cost of the old school underground wire fences thanks to there being no costly installation.

The boundaries of the fence can be adjusted to include or exclude certain areas, and the intensity of the correction can also be adjusted. This means that the fence can be tailored to the individual needs of each cat. Hidden Fence offers the only full service electric dog fence solutions in Australia. We only use and install the DogWatch® brand dog fence, the undisputed industry leader in the dog containment fence industry, globally.

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They will help you tailor the training experience to suit your dog’s individual temperament and requirements. Reliable signal transmission guarantees that your dog receives consistent and precise feedback, fostering effective communication. Last but not least, a comfortable fit is essential for your dog’s well-being during training sessions. Dogtra’s electric fence collars provide all these features, delivering a user-friendly and effective training experience that you can rely on.

An underground dog fence is a popular option for pet owners who want to keep their dogs contained without disrupting the aesthetic of their yard. It is also a cost-effective solution compared to installing a physical fence. Additionally, an underground dog fence allows for flexibility and can be easily adjusted to accommodate changes in the layout of your yard. The transmitter, which is usually placed dog fence collar in the center of the designated area, sends out a radio signal through the buried dog fence wire. When the dog approaches the boundary of the designated area, the electronic collar worn by the dog will receive the signal and emit a warning sound. If the dog continues to move closer to the boundary, the collar will administer a mild static correction to deter the dog from crossing the boundary.

Our underground dog fences, indoor pet fences and electronic dog training collars are comfortable, safe and effective. Our products work for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes, and all of our solutions were designed with our own pets in mind. Overall, indoor wireless cat fences are a convenient and effective way for cat owners to keep their pets safe and contained within their homes. These systems are easy to set up and use, and are a humane and effective way to train cats to stay within designated boundaries. Whether you live in a small apartment or a large home, an indoor wireless cat fence can provide peace of mind and ensure that your feline friend stays safe and happy.

Indoor wireless cat fences have become increasingly popular among cat owners in recent years. These containment systems are designed to keep cats from wandering into areas of the home where they may be at risk or cause damage. Overall, electronic fences have become popular among cat owners because they are highly effective at containing cats, customisable, cost-effective, and flexible. These fences offer a convenient and humane way to keep cats contained within a designated area. In addition, electronic fences are also more cost-effective than traditional fencing.

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