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Why Invisible Fence Collar Makes Life Easier

The War Against Invisible Fence Collar

If you prefer the easy setup of a wireless invisible cat fence, this product from PetSafe might be what you need. The wireless fence covers a radius of five to ninety feet from the location of the transmitter. Overall, this appears to be one of the most effective and cat-appropriate invisible fences on the market.

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The boundaries of a wireless fence may not be exact, so that’s something to keep in mind. One is a pager-only mode that vibrates when your dog approaches the boundary, warning them to back up. The other mode is pager/correction, which will warn the dog with both vibration and a static correction as they approach the limit. An advanced filtering system stops outside sources from triggering your dog’s collar, reducing the number of confusing accidental corrections. This makes it easier for you to teach your dog the limits of your fence without interruption.

The primary purpose of the transmitter is to communicate with the collar and send information on the boundary. With that, make sure the static stimulation is adjustable; it’s crucial, especially if you have a sensitive dog. The system takes advantage of Radio signal technology when it comes to the communication between the collar and the transmitter, and that was reliable during the testing without any delays.

It will redirect the surge from the fence system before the surge can damage a fence or a home’s electrical system. Here’s an overview of each major factor so you can get a handle on what you need to know to get the most out of your invisible dog fence. Otherwise, the system works very similarly to other PetSafe wired underground invisible fence collar systems, just attenuated to smaller dogs. One notably nice bonus, though, is a reflective strap on the collars that help you find your small dogs, even at night. Large dogs can often push through weaker stimuli to escape a typical invisible fence. At the same time, you don’t want to subject your pooch to overzealous corrections.

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