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Why I Bought TWO Invisible Fence Equipment For Cats For My Family

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His concern for the well being of pets (and their owners) would grow to become Invisible Fence® Brand — the leader in the pet containment industry. Now, more than 50 years later, we’ve protected more than 3 million pets worldwide with underground pet fences, our automatic pet door, and indoor and outdoor avoidance solutions. Do you want a dog containment system that will keep them in your property?

The choice here depends on your cat’s temperament and attitude. If your cat is not bothered by audio disturbances, then a safe static correction is the only way forward. Remember, these corrections are designed with the pet’s safety in mind, so they won’t hurt the animal, but just cause a slight irritation. Installation for this is super easy, the batteries last for ages, and the correction is effective yet safe. If you need to protect certain indoor areas, then this invisible fence is one of the best choices.

invisible fence equipment for cats

This fence is suitable for cats aged six months and above. When used indoors, it protects an area between two to 12 feet in diameter while invisible fence equipment for cats covering up to 16 feet in diameter when used outdoors. There is a low battery indicator, and the collar uses a replaceable battery.

” or “underground dog fence reviews,” but when it comes to security, you need a system that works for the whole family – including your cat. Unlike other DIY dog fence companies, Invisible Fence® Brand provides pet owners with containment solutions designed for multi-pet homes. Here are three reasons why Invisible Fence is the best pet containment for dogs AND cats. An invisible fence for dogs and cats uses wires buried in the ground to create a perimeter around your desired space. A transmitter is connected to this wiring and travels throughout it to emit a radio signal. Your furry friend is equipped with a receiver collar to detect this signal.

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