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Why I Bought A Invisible Fence Break Locator For My Elderly Mother

Quick Solutions To Invisible Fence Break Locator In Step by Step Detail

With your electric dog fence back in full working order, you can provide a safe and secure environment for your beloved pet to explore and enjoy the great outdoors. To use a wire break locator, start by connecting the locator unit to the boundary wire. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper setup and calibration. Once everything is connected, turn on the locator unit and start moving along the boundary wire. Start by visually inspecting the boundary wire, whether it’s buried underground or above the surface. Sometimes, the wire may get damaged due to landscaping activities or harsh weather conditions.

invisible fence break locator

Any sign of significant disturbance is likely where there will be wire breaks. But even the best invisible dog fence is not immune to damage and faults. One of the most common issues that arise with invisible fence systems is the wire break, which can happen due to a number of causes.

invisible fence break locator

These can fail internally over the years, even with new batteries installed. Contact the manufacturer and see if they offer a free unit evaluation. Some companies will replace older models if found to be malfunctioning. Getting a professional diagnosis is the safest way to rule out a defective transmitter as the root cause. If you’ve just heard your device beep for the first time since you began your search, wait for a few moments in that spot. If the beeping continues, walk a few steps in every direction, starting with North.

For example, you might find severed wiring while mowing the lawn, weed-whacking, or gardening. Also, look for vehicle tracks, fallen brush, and burrowing animal holes, as they may be signs of problems with your invisible fence’s wiring. With all their positives, invisible fences still aren’t indestructible. This article will explain how they work and how to find a break in an invisible fence. If you discovered an actual cut or severed section of wire, you’ll need to splice it back together.

Turn off and disconnect the main fence line from the transmitter. In the end, cover the stripped surface with several layers of electric tape so they won’t transmit intermittent signals nor get disjoined on tugging. Another way to secure the joined ends is by using a waterproof capsule or splice. These capsules come with a protective, hydrophobic gel that keeps the moisture from penetrating.

As with a dog collar on an invisible, under the ground fencing system, the dog collar responds to the radio wave of the fence turning on the shocking device. The shock does not come from the fence itself, it comes from the collar which is turned on by the fences radio signal. Remember to exercise caution and follow the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer when using a wire break locator. Stay aware of any underground utilities or potential hazards before digging in case further assessment or repairs are required. Another method to locate breaks is by using a wire tracer or tone generator.

Following are the three different methods for finding the break in your dog fence. Carefully walk along the entire perimeter of the fence, checking for consistent signals from the collar receiver. If you notice any weak spots or areas where the signal is not being detected, it may suggest additional invisible fence break locator breaks or interference in those specific locations. In some cases, breaks may be more challenging to locate, especially if the wire is extensively damaged or if there are multiple breaks. You can fix a broken invisible dog fence by joining the wires yourself or calling a professional to help you.

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