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What’s Really Happening With Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Dog Fence Wire Break Kit: Pros And Cons

While there are certainly many different brands of invisible fences on the market, any of them that use the traditional wired components are going to rely on this part to work. In addition to the wire, the fence will make use of a transmitter that’s usually mounted somewhere in your home, which sends a low-frequency radio signal through the wire. The final piece of the product is the receiver, which is usually mounted on your dog’s collar. The final step in the process involved digging and repairing the break in the electric dog fence wire. In this comprehensive guide, we have covered the essential steps to locate and repair breaks in an electric dog fence. We started by understanding the basics of electric dog fences and assessing the landscape to identify potential areas of concern.

Perhaps you need help troubleshooting your existing electric dog fence that is malfunctioning. Is your dog breaking through the boundary that you have established? Another possibility is that the battery in the dog’s collar has died. If neither of these apply to you, it is time to check the transmitter. If nothing is happening, or on the contrary if it is beeping nonstop, it is possible that lightning has made its way through to your transmitter.

dog fence wire break kit

Remember to follow the instructions provided in the repair kit manual for accurate results. The dog fence DIY consists of a transmitter, a computer collar worn by the pet, the boundary wire, and training flags. The transmitter has a total cable capacity of 1 acre equivalent to 300m boundary cable. The transmitter is usually placed in the dry and plugged into a standard socket. Although the transmitter is plugged into the socket the transmitter does not send out any electrical signals.

One of the most common issues that arise with invisible fence systems is the wire break, which can happen due to a number of causes. Perhaps the most clear sign that this issue is starting to take shape is when your dog is suddenly able to run through the invisible fence at certain points. Fortunately, there are about just as many ways to find and fix them too. You can take some extra wire and shorten the circuit to narrow down the broken segment, or use a wire break locator to pinpoint it. When it comes to finding breaks in an electric dog fence wire, using a wire break locator can be a valuable tool.

Wire break locators specifically made for invisible electric dog fences usually connect to the twisted wire that plugs into the transmitter box. The locator is then held all along the whole perimeter of the boundary wire, close to the ground in order to properly receive a definite signal from the wire. Once it moves over the wire break, it will dog fence wire break kit beep, letting you know at which point to start digging up the dog fence wire system and make repairs. If you have an invisible fence to keep your pet contained, you may experience breaks or damage to the underground boundary wire over time. These issues demand prompt attention to ensure your pet stays safe and secure within the designated area.

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