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What’s Really Happening With Dog Fence Installation

Dog Fence Installation And Beyond

My husky had a habit of escaping any fence we installed in the past. This was easy to set up and while he has tried to escape, he hasn’t suceeded. Bonus, is that the fence isn’t visible so I can see the forest behind the house.

dog fence installation

If you are leaving it outdoors, we recommend placing the transmitter box in a waterproof box for extra protection. However, note that most of these boxes are not really 100% waterproof. Moisture can accumulate inside the box and eventually cause the internal mechanism of the transmitter box to corrode and eventually stop working. Before burying the wire, don’t forget to lay it above the ground first to test and make certain the system is working correctly. Mark the boundary with the kit’s included flags or get some lawn flags as needed. Install the batteries on the receiver collar and charge it up if necessary.

However, an electric fence isn’t an option that’s in the best interest of your dog or their mental health and physical safety. “Many dog owners like a full wood fence because it tends to be the most secure, provides extra privacy, and depending on who you ask—looks the nicest!” Schmitz Menard says. “Wood privacy fences are a great option for most dogs if you have the means to build one.”

You want to create an L-footer using a material that will prevent your dog from digging under the fence. An L-footer has an L-shape that extends out from the fence so the dog can’t dig directly under the fence structure. They can be made of chicken wire, chain link, or even concrete for persistent dogs. The DIY can be labor intensive, from installing dog fence installation the wiring inside the house and burying the wire outside the house to checking on any breaks in the line. You need to make certain that you don’t run wire close to a utility line for an extended stretch. This is because in some instances, a boundary wire running close to a utility wire can cause your dog fence collar to activate where it shouldn’t.

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