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What The Experts Are not Expressing About Invisible Fence Troubleshooting And How It Affects You

How a ‘job’ uses Invisible Fence Troubleshooting

I recommend checking the battery indicator regularly to avoid sudden beeping surprises. One of the most common culprits behind the beeping is a low battery indicator. Just like your phone, the collar needs sufficient power to function optimally. Refer to Table 1 for a quick comparison of battery life among popular PetSafe models. Our Boundary Plus® GPS Wireless system is perfect for properties 1 acre and up. No need to worry about a wire-break somewhere on your property that could allow your pet to escape.

invisible fence troubleshooting

The receiver antenna might look like sections of three coiled wires, or two parallel wires made up for an antenna. What to do if your dog is still not responding to the fence during training. Instances like this are often used as oppositions, so all that needs to happen now is to keep teaching outsidesightingly until they start associating the shock with being around the edge. PetSafe collars last 1 – 3 months with a fully charged collar.

The frequency switch, on the other hand, determines the signal that the collar receives from the transmitter. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you navigate the process of adjusting invisible fence collar strength smoothly and effectively, ensuring the well-being and training success of your pet. Regular system inspections, implementing preventive measures, invisible fence troubleshooting and addressing troubleshooting issues promptly are essential to enhance the reliability of your invisible fence system. By following these steps, you can ensure that your fence remains effective in keeping your pets safe and secure. When it comes to troubleshooting an invisible fence, one of the first steps you should take is assessing the boundaries.

Multiple SmartShields® Units can be used around your home and multiple pets can be on the SmartShields® System – each with their own individualized boundaries. For example, you can allow your cat to get on the couch while ensuring your dog stays off of it. SmartShields® Units create a wireless Invisible Boundary® Area around personal items, furniture, or areas of rooms. A small wire can be connected to SmartShields® Unit and routed around larger or more custom areas like a floor rug or entire room with multiple doors. Your pets will have total independence, but within the boundaries you set. The collar should fit snugly around your furry friend’s neck, with the contact points touching the skin.

After assessing signal strength (Table 5) and confirming collar fit (Table 3), we suspected interference from a large metal shed. We moved the transmitter slightly, and voilà, Lucy was back to safe play without the constant beeping soundtrack. Now that we’ve identified common issues, let’s walk through a step-by-step troubleshooting process to get your PetSafe wireless fence back on track.

What can happen is that the contacts that supply power to the underground fences can become disrupted, usually accidentally by digging or other landscaping. The good news is that your base station might well be able to help alert you that there is indeed a connectivity issue. The bad news is that it’s going to be up to you to isolate the physical location of the issue and to fix it. As with all things electricity, make sure the unit is unplugged and completely isolated from power before making any repairs.

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