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If a neighboring dog is not trained to recognize the invisible fence, it could accidentally cross the boundary and get shocked. Give your pets more outdoor access and security with our residential dog and pet fencing services. We professionally install underground, privacy and ornamental style fences suitable for safely containing pets.

Our erosion control fencing solutions prevent soil runoff and retain sediment. Whether slope stabilization, tree protection, or silt fencing, we have commercial erosion control fencing options. Keep your wood, vinyl, aluminum or other residential fence in tip-top shape with our professional fence maintenance services. We’ll inspect, repair minor damage, clean, seal, stain and more to extend the life of your existing fence. If your old, worn out fence has seen better days, let us replace it entirely with a brand new wood, vinyl or other residential fence.

invisible fence professionally installed

For this reason, many pet owners install invisible fences only in their front yards where they may not have a fence. Invisible fences are easy to customize if later you decide to expand or change the shape of the pet’s area. While there may be many different types of conventional fences, there are three types of invisible fences to choose from to keep your furry friend from wandering away. The underground invisible fence involves hooking up to electricity through wires and setting a physical perimeter in the ground. Or you can opt for a wireless option that is either a radio signal or a GPS-based fence that uses satellite location rather than radio signals.

invisible fence professionally installed

Perimeter electric fences have been used to keep dogs within a certain area. These fences are designed to create a boundary around a property, and when a dog tries to cross the boundary, they receive a mild electric shock that discourages them from continuing. When the dog approaches the edge of the virtual boundary, the transmitter will send a signal to the dog’s collar, alerting the invisible fence professionally installed dog that it is approaching the boundary. This signal can be in the form of a tone, vibration, or a static correction, depending on the settings chosen by the pet owner. Overall, if you are interested in purchasing an electronic dog fence, Bunnings is not the place to go. Instead, you should order a DIY system online or speak to one of our consultants about professional installation.

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