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What Everyone is Saying About Dog Fence Dog Collars Is Dead Wrong And Why

Reasons I Love Dog Fence Dog Collars

Ideally, there should be three features; alerting you via the phone, warning the dog, and emitting shock, vibration, or sound when the dog leaves the boundary. However, the dog fence dog collars virtual fence has no custom shapes; it’s circular and has a maximum radius of up to 1000 yards. The collar will give out beeps when your dog comes near the boundary.

dog fence dog collars

This kit is customizable for several dogs and has different size properties. It comes with enough wire to cover properties up to ⅓ acre, and if you buy additional wire, this system can cover up to 6 acres. Whereas other electronic dog fences may need an extensive setup that involves digging and burying wire, SpotOn GPS Dog Fence works right out of the box, with no manual labor necessary. Whether or not invisible dog fences are worth the money is entirely situational and up to you, the customer.

It’s customizable and allows you to cover a ½ acre of space with the wire included. This PetSafe unit offers a wireless collar and allows you to set up “no-go zones” for outdoor and indoor objects you want to keep your dog away from. Invisible dog fences work by communicating location via satellite, cellular, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi coverage—sometimes combinations of all of the above.

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