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What Every one Should Know About Dog Fence Collar

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Though the bars aren’t particularly thick, the fence is still durable. You don’t need to worry about your pup knocking it down, thanks to the eight ground anchors. The Pen will also last you a long time thanks to its finishing coat protecting it from rust. But they do offer a live chat to help with the installation, as well as a detailed guide and even a training manual written by experts to help your dog get used to it, along with training flags.

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Halo Fences are not created using a wire, so they can’t be cut, damaged, and don’t need to be installed underground. In additon, Halo Fence posts can be placed anywhere, and are not limited by geography or other obstacles that prevent the installation of a wire. With 8 levels of adjustable correction modes, the system will accommodate to each dog’s different personality and temperament to stay within the containment area. The receiver has a battery life indicator and has 2-hour rapid charge lithium polymer batteries. The E-FENCE 3500 system comes with 500 feet of 20 gauge wire and additional wire can be purchased to cover up to 40 acres. Maintaining the system is made easy with the Boundary Wire Continuity Light, where the light turns off and the transmitter makes a warning beep for any disconnected wire.

So don’t get an invisible fence unless you’re ready to commit to training and potentially re-training your dog. To help you choose the right in-ground fence system for your pup, we tested and researched some of the most popular invisible fences from brands like PetSafe, Sportdog, and Halo. These collars range from those designed for large properties to those that can teach your dog to stay away from the kitchen garbage. Choosing a suitable shock collar fence for dogs is paramount to successful training.

The SpotOn GPS Fence arrived quickly after we received the tracking information. I was impressed with the quality of the packaging and how secure the collar and all of the components were in the box. It was very easy to set up for charging, although I was concerned that it wasn’t dog fence collar charging because there’s not a continuous light that stays on while being charged. Instead the light will flash green a few times and then stop flashing. The product must be in like-new condition, meaning that it should not be damaged and should be in original working condition.

You can create up to 25 GPS fences and adjust the warning, boundary, and alarm settings based on your dog. For example, I skipped the static settings, though I tested them (on myself, ouch!), and stuck to vibration and sounds for warnings and alarms. You can also pick the vibration pattern to find one that works best for your dog.

If any components of the collar are missing (i.e. charger, static correction points, etc.), a $50 fee may be charged. In order for the SpotOn GPS Fence to work most optimally, you will need to train your dog to recognize the sounds when they are getting near the boundary. SpotOn recommends spending at least 15 minutes a day training your dog until they recognize the sounds. When the collar arrives, it’s very important that you read the instruction manual carefully.

When creating fences with the app and collar, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Remember that your dog’s collar will make noise, vibrate, and produce static correction feedback (if you choose) when your dog gets within 10 feet of or steps outside the boundary. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind the location of your fence and any structures that are within the boundary of that fence. When you put the collar on your dog, both the collar and the app produce alert tones when your dog comes within 10 feet of the fence boundary and vibrates when your dog reaches the boundary or goes beyond it. You have to train your dog to recognize what these audio cues mean so that he or she knows to turn around and come back. But, the collar has an optional static correction feedback feature that activates when your dog reaches the boundary, and that can help with training as well.

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