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This wood can be left with its natural yellow look before eventually taking on a gray hue. Treating is not required, but sealing helps to prolong the natural color dog fence average cost and maintain the lovely aesthetic. The average cost per linear foot of pine fencing is $3 to $10 a linear foot for the material or $10 to $25 per foot installed.

dog fence average cost

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence offers excellent correction and warning options for setting safe boundaries. If you have a stubborn dog, this model has a high correction level, but you never need to go there if your dog responds to the lower levels. You may need to remove any trees or shrubs blocking your fence line. Tree removal costs between $200 and $2,000 per tree, with an average of $750. If you need to remove smaller vegetation, like shrubs and bushes, you’ll likely pay between $110 and $245 per hour to clear the land.

Dog Fence Average Cost

However, wireless fences can be less reliable than underground fences, as the signal can be disrupted by obstacles such as trees, buildings, and even weather conditions. A GPS-powered, virtual dog fence is a great, safe (and humane) alternative to an electric dog fence. Let’s take a look at how this works with a Tractive GPS Virtual Fence. Or, of course, a 100% invisible GPS dog fence, which you can set up with your trusty Tractive device.

Enter the linear feet of your fence length below to estimate the cost. You might find that an area you want a gate is not going to work, or any other number of design and layout ideas they have, just from installing fences for so long. You’ll also appreciate the amount of work in front of you and the expertise needed. Installing a six foot privacy fence may seem like a standard job, but you’ll want to check your local laws regarding permits, especially if you decide to go above 6 feet. You’ll also need to consider any HOA laws in your neighborhood to make sure that you are not violating bylaws.

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