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What Does Dog Fence Training Do

Questionable Dog Fence Training Techniques Used

In 2007, we became one of the TOP 10 “Big Dog” dealers in the country with our American Manufacturer. Several of our products earned us the Consumers Digest Best Buy Award. We earned awards, certificates, and other accolades from many well-known agencies— Angie’s List, Service Master, Home Advisor, and more. We now service all brands of dog fencing, including the Invisible Fence® Brand.

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Furthermore, the dependence on technology means that a malfunction or a dead battery could momentarily leave a pet unprotected. The success of a satellite dog fence heavily depends on proper training. Without training, dogs may not understand the boundaries set by the fence, leading to confusion or anxiety.

While the DogWatch Hidden Fence and other electronic dog fence kits are designed to be easy to install, some people may not relish the idea of tackling a DIY project. The system consists of a transmitter that is installed in a central location and a receiver that is attached to the pet’s collar. Another great feature of this wireless dog fence is the Progressive setting on the collar. On this setting, the static correction increases in intensity as the dog moves closer to the boundary line. This may come in handy if your furry, four-legged pal tends to be a little stubborn. GPS dog fences are dependent on the environment they’re placed in.

This innovative system provides a safe and reliable way to contain your dog without physical fences or barriers. Professional training is available to teach your dog or cat how to understand the invisible fence system. Distributors dog fence training such as Hidden Fence understand the importance of training and conditioning when it comes to using the invisible fence system. Electronic fences are also more flexible and convenient than traditional fencing.

These updates can improve the system’s accuracy and introduce new features or bug fixes. Boundary Challenges If your yard has uneven terrain or natural obstacles like rocks and trees, your dog may find it difficult to understand the boundaries. You may need to make adjustments to the perimeter configuration to accommodate for these obstacles. Once your dog is entirely familiar with the new containment system (this takes place after a couple of months), you can start with removing the previously-mentioned training flags.

Moreover, the collar has an 800-meter range with a margin of error of 5 meters. The best thing about this system is its strong anti-interference feature that won’t be disrupted by metal objects. It’s more stable than typical wireless fences that use radio signals. For this post, I will share with you the best wireless dog fence system for large dogs together with a brief buying guide.

What’s more, dogs are intelligent animals and most love to learn, so training can be a great way of stopping them from getting bored. If you live in town, a wire fence won’t shelter your yard from prying eyes. A wooden privacy fence is a reliable alternative and is more than sturdy enough to keep your dog safe.

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