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What Does Dog Fence Installation Do

Choosing Good Dog Fence Installation

An in-ground fence works by sending a radio signal through a buried boundary wire (up to 2,000 feet). When your pet nears the boundary, the receiver collar will tone and vibrate to alert your pet that he has entered the warning zone. If he continues to venture out, the receiver collar will issue a safe but startling correction, like the static you feel if you drag your feet across a carpet and then touch a door handle. The cost to install a dog fence ranges widely depending on various factors. According to HomeAdvisor, a typical wooden fence is on the pricier side, while a wire or chain link fence is a cheaper barrier fence type.

The fence panels can be easily connected together using interlocking mechanisms. Some models may require screws or other hardware to secure the panels together. The concept behind a no dig fence is to avoid the need for digging holes, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Instead, the fence panels are simply pushed into the ground and secured in place with stakes or other types of fasteners. This makes installation quick and easy, and it also means that the fence can be moved or repositioned if needed.

dog fence installation

If you can’t lay down a continuous loop without cutting into your boundary, twist the wires to negate the signal. A hidden electric fence only works if your dog understands and obeys the warning signal. If you’re not prepared to train your dog independently, consider hiring a professional.

The layout you ultimately decide upon should be a good match to the needs of both you and your dog. If you are looking for the premium installation service for the best and most reliable Invisible fence system in Australia, and need it done affordably, you’ve come to the right company. For 24 years, we were the only Pet Stop dealer to service dog fence installation the fine customers in this area. Do not confuse us for long distance dealers who have to drive an hour or more to take care of your needs. Anyone can install your fence, take your money and leave you waiting when service issues arrive. The Indiana Dog Fence team is here to take care of any service needs in a timely and reputable fashion.

PVC also gives you some creative license in that you can paint it to match or house or keep it white. You can also control your Dog’s Correction Level for the Pet Stop Electric Fence out in the yard. You have complete control of your Underground Fence System right at your fingertips.

Dog Fence Installation

Once it crosses the boundary or stimulation zone, a safe static stimulation is delivered until the dog returns to the boundary zone. Although an electric dog fence sounds like the answer to your problems, you should know that they aren’t the right solution for every dog. Generally speaking, this type of fencing isn’t recommended for sick, elderly, or pregnant dogs. And already fearful dogs can become traumatized by the electric charge and develop aggressive or other unusual behavior. The next component is the high-quality wire that will be buried underground.

Training the dog to actually use the wireless fence is the most important part of this process. It is also the part of the process that many owners struggle with and that Dog Guard does extremely well. It’s a smart idea to use temporary flags so that the dog can have a visual representation of the boundary during training.

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