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What Does Dog Fence Installation Do

Picking Good Dog Fence Installation

An in-ground fence works by sending a radio signal through a buried boundary wire (up to 2,000 feet). When your pet nears the boundary, the receiver collar will tone and vibrate to alert your pet that he has entered the warning zone. If he continues to venture out, the receiver collar will issue a safe but startling correction, like the static you feel if you drag your feet across a carpet and then touch a door handle. The cost to install a dog fence ranges widely depending on various factors. According to HomeAdvisor, a typical wooden fence is on the pricier side, while a wire or chain link fence is a cheaper barrier fence type.

Gradually increase the static setting and continue introducing your dog to the boundary, and it will soon learn to stay inside the flagged zone. Dog thievery is also a problem; your dog is less likely to get taken when it’s not wandering around the neighborhood. Moreover, you should use a surge protector to protect the transmitter from lightning strikes and power surges. Standard eye discharge doesn’t mean a dog eye infection, but the two can be linked. We’ll go through when this isn’t an issue and what to look for to figure out if there’s more going on. Always be quick to reward good behavior with training treats (Pet Control HQ Training Treats) and praise.

dog fence installation

If you can’t lay down a continuous loop without cutting into your boundary, twist the wires to negate the signal. A hidden electric fence only works if your dog understands and obeys the warning signal. If you’re not prepared to train your dog independently, consider hiring a professional.

Setting up an in-ground pet fence is a DIY project, so plan to install your new fence over a weekend. We’ve designed a rechargeable receiver collar with 8 levels of correction. Level 1 is a tone and vibration setting which is helpful for when dog fence installation you’re training your dog. The vibration level is also great for pets that are hard of hearing so they can enjoy safely playing outdoors too. Levels 2-8 are adjustable static correction that you can set based on your dog’s temperament.

These DIY dog fence plans teach you how to build panels, and you can decide how many and what configuration works for you. Pair this DIY with a DIY gate, and you could have a secure oasis for kids too. We are very proud of our staff and commitment to excellence providing expert pet containment services in Athens, GA and Greenville, SC surrounding areas. It is hard work like this that places us as a Top Two Pet Stop® Dealership in America installing over 500 fence each year. We get it accomplished for you with the flexibility needed to give you the best possible experience. One of the many features of the Eco-Lite Link Receiver is its versatility.

Dog Fence Installation

If the wire is left exposed, there’s a potential for people or pets to accidentally trip over it, resulting in injury. Additionally, look for a fence system with reliable and durable components. Consider the collar’s battery life, water resistance, and overall durability. Look for features like surge protection and lightning resistance to ensure the fence can withstand various weather conditions.

Then head to the hardware store to check out what’s on sale to determine the best bargain. This layout is a modification of the first, just incorporating a dock and a boathouse. In this situation, the lake isn’t incorporated in the planning of the fence.

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