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Each varies slightly and has its own unique characteristics including the look of it, the maintenance required and cost. You can also take steps to increase the durability of your fencing. You can bury the fence about 2-feet underground, so when the dogs dig, they hit a wall. You can also reinforce holes with chicken wire, concrete, or a layer of gravel. Like with any home addition, you’ll want to consider the fence’s style. Some fence options, like vinyl and wood, are versatile with different customization options.

No matter which type of dog fence you go for, you may still have a bold escape artist on your hands who will do whatever they can do get out of the fence. We’ll go through each of the many dog fence ideas out there so you can choose the one that fits you. At Costimates®, our mission is to assist homeowners in finding and hiring licensed home service contractors in their local area. We aim to not only provide you with information about your home improvement project but also to offer estimated cost details. This will help you effectively plan, budget, and successfully accomplish your home improvement goals.

They are also relatively cheap and easy to install, and you won’t have a problem with digging or an unsightly physical fence or visual barrier. Once you’ve defined a specific area, your Tractive GPS starts monitoring it. As soon as your tracker picks up that your pet is outside a safe zone or inside a danger zone, the system immediately detects a change in the area it’s monitoring. It’s also a good idea to monitor your dog in the backyard so that if they do start digging, you can intervene. Skip ahead for a couple of tips on how to prevent a dog digging under a fence.

dog fence average cost

Others (for example, larger shade trees or old trees that add character to the yard) may require the fence installers to implement creative work-arounds. Planting new plants after the fence is installed usually costs $25 to $50 each. That’s a free service, but the cost of moving any utilities that are in the way won’t be. Local government or homeowners associations (HOAs) may also require permits or fees and a follow-up inspection.

Surely, for the first few days of using this fence, your dog will get stimulated a lot because it has not gotten used to staying within its boundary. But with proper training and time, your dog familiarises with the boundary thereby reducing occurrences of the stimulation to zero or a little over zero. And as time went by, improvements were made such that the impulse delivered can be adjusted according to the size of your dog.

Keeping in mind the competition and safety of dogs, let’s review the latest DogWatch hidden fencing system, i.e., SmartFence. There are fewer style options available for chain link fences compared to other materials. The height is one of the parts of a chain dog fence average cost link fence you can alter. The only thing to keep in mind is that your chain link fence height options are limited to the dimensions that chain link mesh is sold in. Metal fencing has traditionally been used as pool, driveway, and landscaping fencing.

When homeowners are balancing convenience against the cost, the number of gates can add to or subtract from the overall cost. With 3 weeks of continuous training, your dog is more likely to get used to invisible fences. Plus, it is a good value for money and costs around $500 while ranging above that if advanced features are involved. Moreover, specifically regarding the inground invisible fence, the labor cost applicable to install an inground invisible fence is about 50% to 70% of the project’s cost. Moreover, you can get a wireless invisible fence at $500- $600 on average but can reach up to an estimated $1500 if you buy a high-quality wireless fence.

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