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Ways To Avoid Paying An Excessive Amount Of Money With This Dog Fence For Small Dogs

Issues with Your Dog Fence For Small Dogs

Just make sure that you place it at least 3 feet away from metal objects. Meanwhile, its base unit has a digital display where you can control its five radius options. The package also includes marker flags, a charger, and installation hardware. Just make sure that you install this at least three feet away from metal objects.

dog fence for small dogs

Consider the layout of your garden, its size and the area that you want to create for your pet to enjoy. The wireless fence creates a circular containment area, with the transmitter in the centre of the circle. Make sure the entire pet area lies within your property boundaries. If the boundary zone will be less than 14 metres from the transmitter, place the boundary switch on ‘low’. If the boundary zone will be greater than 14 metres place the boundary switch on ‘high’.

Another feature that stood out was the ability to expand coverage to 100 acres without interfering with the signal. Our yard is quite large and densely wooded, which means the 1,000-foot wire wasn’t enough. It’s lighter (1.1 pounds) than most dog collars allowing your little pup to wear it for hours without feeling worn out. dog fence for small dogs Our test dog had a tiny body and a large neck area, but the collar still fitted perfectly. Previously we’ve had our little champ wear a collar with heavy receivers, which felt uncomfortable after a few days. Two to three zaps on the lowest settings get even the fiercest dog calm and responsive to the set boundaries.

However, the collar has no corrective feedback, such as tones, vibrations, or shocks. The adjustable collar fits perfectly with the dimensional compactness and the light weight of 1.2 oz. The product is based in Austria, and its creators come from a highly technological background.

Dog Fence For Small Dogs

If they cross the boundary, the signal intensifies and may include an electrical shock as a correction. Owners must train the dog to recognize the warnings and alarms for an invisible fence to work. We looked for collars that offered non-punishment correction, and those with higher-powered correction for stubborn or large, furry dogs.

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