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Vital Pieces Of Invisible Fence For Large Dogs

The Insider Secrets of Invisible Fence For Large Dogs Discovered

Hidden Fence is the sole importer of the only FM Digital dog fence in Australia. Hidden Fence “hand selects” distributors to offer this exclusive dog fence product. Chain link fences drive dogs wild because they can look right through and see exactly what they’re missing!

invisible fence for large dogs

The twisted wire will not transmit to the collar, allowing dogs to travel freely. Once the dog enters the single-wire section, the signal will work with the collar again, keeping the dog inside the yard. If users prefer that their dog stay out of the garden or away from the pool, for example, looping the restricted area into the system is quick and easy. Keep in mind that with careful planning, it’s possible to extend the system with additional wire to give dogs more space. Some systems can be modified to include an area of up to 25 acres. This kit comes with a transmitter, a surge protector, an adjustable collar, flags, and 500 feet of wire that is capable of covering ⅓ acre.

So if you’re considering a GPS dog fence, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons carefully and make sure you understand the limitations of the technology. Hidden Fence brand is the largest distributor of dog fence containment systems in Australia. “Regular” electric fencing, the kind that is also a visible barrier, is mostly used for animals as large as horses and cows, or to keep animals out of a garden.

If you prefer not to have a physical fence, it is a good idea to train your furry friends to stay within the backyard. It’s very natural for dogs to run, play, jump, have fun, and chew or bite things in an open yard. This invisible fence for large dogs is why many dog owners install invisible dog fences around their yards. The PetSafe wireless dog fence is a radial fencing system which has a maximum coverage area of just under one acre (0.8 acre or 35,000 sq. ft.).

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