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Top Tips Of Invisible Fence Dog Collars

Our technology prevents any “break-out” where a pet might run beyond the signal’s reach. That means there’s no chance for them to escape, and no need for you to worry. With Boundary Plus® GPS containment fencing, your pet stays in your yard.

In other words, it is an effective and safe deterrent, when used correctly. Give your pet maximum freedom with our exclusive Boundary Plus® Technology. Compared to traditional containment systems, this fence allows your pet to play right up to their boundary line, giving them up to 30% more yard space to explore.

Overall, this is, without a doubt, the best invisible dog fence on the market. The battery life of this wireless fence for dogs is long-lasting. The truth here is invisible fences ONLY work if your dog has proper training. Invisible fences for dogs are a type of containment system that you install in your backyard that sends a signal to a dog’s collar. Models with extensive features may require extensive training for you, too, to make sure you use the collar correctly. However, with consistency and effort, training can give your dog more freedom without compromising safety.

invisible fence dog collars

This range can vary depending on the type of system installed, as well as factors like terrain, weather, and other electronic devices in the area. To ensure your pet stays safe, make sure you are aware of the range limitations of your particular system and adjust the boundary wire accordingly. Invisible fence collars function on the principle of radio frequency, employing a transmitter and receiver to establish a wireless connection.

When your pet approaches a boundary line, the collar emits a “beep” or vibration, signaling the dog to stop. At Invisible Fence® Brand, we’re passionate about protecting pets so you can invisible fence dog collars focus on fun! Let’s talk and we’ll find the gentle, effective, affordable solution that’s right for you and your pet. Wireless fences establish a circular fence area of varying sizes.

However, every invisible fence on our list has safety features to prevent dogs from getting buzzed or shocked continuously or by accident. Have a wire break or need other maintenance on your Invisible Fence® system? You can count on us to provide you with quick reliable service and repair, no matter what underground pet fence brand you’re using.

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