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Top Dog Fence Break Locator Tips!

What Everyone Is What You Need To Do And Expressing About Dog Fence Break Locator

Please notify PetSafe® Brand via phone or in writing of shortages or damage within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. Please note that this method is not highly precise, but it serves well to provide a general overview. Gating off sections of your house or deck can section down the space they have access to. Supplement with baby gates, pet doors or x-pens as needed for a hybrid confinement system. You should also ensure your original splices and wire connections have a solid connection.

Remember to document the location and details of any repairs made to the fence for future reference. This will help in troubleshooting and maintenance if any issues arise in the future. These high-risk zones are often prone to breaks and should be closely examined.

Hold the wire locator in your hand and follow the instructions on the device to trace the signal. While walking, you can mark the route with flags or pins, allowing you to accurately determine the position of the invisible dog fence. A wire locator may not always be effective in locating an invisible dog fence. The reason for this is that not all underground wires of an invisible dog fence conduct electricity. Therefore, using a wire locator may not always yield reliable results.

dog fence break locator

Also, read our complete article on how does an invisible dog fence actually work. The perimeter will now be able to communicate via radio signals with the dog collar, which comes as a part of the system kit. With that said, there are many people who would prefer to fix their own invisible fences.

Next, disconnect your wires from your transmitter and replace them with the choke-one end of the choke in each lead on the control box. There should not be any dog fence break locator wire break error when the choke is in place. Now, take your two end wires and attach one to either side of the choke by wrapping the wire around the choke.

Dog Fence Break Locator

If you ever need to have the invisible dog fence removed, it’s a good idea to get in touch with the installation company that originally installed it. These companies typically have a record of where they placed the wires for the invisible dog fence. Once you have the ground wire secured to your electric fence, take the probe end to check for a break in the circuit by reading your voltage meter. The device has a voltage reader on it and it will not register if there is not a current touching the probe end of your device.

Follow the above steps on the other end of the wire to complete the repair process. Hold one side of the broken fence wire and use the wire stripper to strip the existing wire to uncover the copper core carefully. Keep an ear out for the beeping as your eyes gauge the fence’s boundary, and once you’ve completed a round of the fence, you’ll know two things for certain. As a last resort, if you’ve checked everything else but still can’t solve the problem, it may be time to test your transmitter box. These can fail internally over the years, even with new batteries installed. Contact the manufacturer and see if they offer a free unit evaluation.

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