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Three Critical Actions You Have To Get Before Buying Dog Fence Installers

The Newest Perspective On Dog Fence Installers Just Produced

Our dog fence acts as a flexible net that prevents dogs and other animals from climbing. The bottom material is flared in towards you and secured with unique ground stakes to create a dig guard. Facts are it’s painful, has No protection from anything coming in, No other dogs can visit to play- It’s a false sense of security, fails often…  when it does, dogs may not return fearing more  shocks.

It took just three days to train Annie, and everyone in the family is happier; especially Annie. She has the freedom to run as she pleases and at the same time, she is safe, and we have peace of mind. One of the things you can’t easily quantify or put words to, but is by far the most important point to mention, is the increase in Mollie’s quality of life. From the moment the system was installed, she has truly been happier all around. My only wish is that we had done this sooner… Mollie knows her boundaries, and given the flexibility of the DogWatch system, she now has a great space to run and play. I would recommend (and already have) this system to anyone and everyone with a dog- it’s no comparison to the alternatives… this is the way to go hands down.

dog fence installers

Adam Sinteff and his team have the most experience available with 25+ years, installing about 500 Hidden Dog Fences each year. Adam, Matthew, Mike and Perimeter’s Blue Tooth™ Technologies, Inc. offer Commercial Grade Electronic Computerized Hidden Dog Fence Products. All installations are 100% money back guaranteed installations, with life-time containment and boundary wire warranties. Pet Stop® of Athens and North East SC install the most Advanced Digital, Computer Equipment, accompanied by our Gentile Steps™ Electronic Dog Fence Training System. This Gentle Steps™ System is not offered by Invisible Fence®, Dog Watch® Brands, or the DIY product from Superior Dog Fence.

We also offer the strongest Manufacturer’s Warranty/Guarantee in the industry called “Ultra Care™ Coverage”. Electric dog fences usually cost around $200 for DIY kits, but they can be as expensive as $2,500, with professional installation and dog training. Setting up your DIY electric dog fence installers dog fence kit can take as little as one to two days, but if you feel like professional help is important, you can look for companies that offer this service. As an underground dog fence company, our electric fencing systems use a single wire that is installed underground.

Dog Fence Installers

We add bit extra of several items based on the size of your kit, Be creative and flexible with your layout, The dog fence is so difficult to see, straight lines are simple to do but not necessary.. With over 20 years experience, DZS Contractors, LLC is a residential remodeling company known for its fine craftsmanship and customer commitment. Offering a full range of services, including custom design and custom cabinetry, DZS Contractors has been recognized for kitchens, baths, home additions, master bedroom suites and outdoor living areas. We use high quality materials and take Pride in are craftsmanship. We choose to dealership for Pet Stop® Brand products because unlike Invisible Fence® and Dog Watch® Brands, our technology is engineered, manufactured, and assembled in the USA 🇺🇸 from imported raw materials.

Proper installation of your dog fence is the first step to a long, happy relationship with your new furry friend. Call Pro Pet Fence today for an estimate on your dog fence installation. We are a locally owned and operated business protecting family pets since 1999. Pet Stop® products provide safe and humane containment for your pets using the latest hidden fence technology. If you live in a fenceless community, chances are that your neighbors won’t like you setting a physical fence in your premises. If this is the case, although there are other, more expensive options available, an electric dog fence can be a good solution.

I am proud of the reputation we have made as a local home improvement contractor and look forward to working with you on your next project. From repairs to designed builds and improvements we are well educated and equipped to handle any project. Finally, what if another dog enters the perimeter and becomes aggressive toward your pet? Your dog will have no other option than to confront the dog, since leaving the perimeter will shock it and not the other dog.

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