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Things To Expect From Dog Fence Installation Cost

Value To Put In Fencing In 2024: Labor & Installation Cost Per Footdog fence installation cost

They consist of a wire that is buried underground and emits a signal that communicates with a dog’s collar. When the dog approaches the boundary, the collar emits a warning sound or vibration. If the dog continues to approach, the collar delivers a mild electric shock. Yes, it is possible to install an invisible dog fence yourself if you have the necessary tools and are comfortable with basic electrical and landscaping work. DIY installation kits are available, and they typically come with installation instructions and guidelines.

It can be made up to any height depending on the size of the dog you have. The gauge wire has to be pulled and stretched between the posts to make it strong enough. However, wire fences tend to corrode easily which may eventually make it easy for the dog fence installation cost dogs to push their heads through the wire fence. For this reason, wire fences are not always an ideal choice for a dog fence. A chain-link fence has several supporting posts that are attached to heavy chain links that are made using heavy metal wire.

dog fence installation cost

The pricing is itemized below to give you a very clear estimate of what your cost will be for the system you choose and the number of dogs it will serve. The average cost to have a wireless pet fence installed around your yard is $2.50 per foot. A fence contractor will come in and mark the area first, then have it checked for underground utilities before doing any of the installation work. If you’re considering fencing options, our dog fence cost calculator offers a straightforward way to estimate expenses.

Your transmitter must be located indoors in a dry, protected area. The charge your dog will feel from the receiver on its collar is slightly stronger than the shock you get from static electricity. It’s designed to get your dog’s attention, but not to cause harm. And after being trained, your dog will respond to the audio signal and rarely experience the shock.

You can customize the signal strength to your pet; this usually depends on your animal’s size. Some systems administer a warning sound instead of a small shock before delivering a static correction. Some popular materials include wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link.

They can cover a hilly part of your yard, unlike the traditional fences that only work well with a flat space. If you have a big space, the electronic fences can shield acres of ground, and they can do so in any pattern. This way you will be able to give your dog plenty of space to exercise and play.

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