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Things To Do With Dog Fence Outdoor Professionally Installed

Dog Fence Outdoor Professionally Installed Options

I live remotely enough that there were times when Maggie got out of range. I couldn’t activate a return signal because the collar couldn’t connect to my phone. This heavy duty gauge boundary wire is so durable that it allows for many installation options you won’t find possible with a thin 20 gauge wire. This wire will perform for over 20 years, even in eXtreme elements. Splices can be utilized to repair or replace your existing dog fence wire. You are able to install your dog fence in the exact location where you need it to be.

Dog Fence Outdoor Professionally Installed

dog fence outdoor professionally installed

The problem with traditional dog fences is they are very expensive (an average of $3,000 to $6000 per home). Wooden Fencing – Wood fencing adds a touch of rustic charm to your yard while providing a solid barrier for your pup. From the picket fence to the privacy fence, the options are endless and guaranteed to match your home’s aesthetic. Some underground fences have a coverage area of up to 5 acres with additional wire, while some can cover 100 acres of land.

Plus, its smooth surface makes it difficult for dogs to climb. However, over time vinyl can become brittle and may crack or break if your dog leans or jumps against it too hard. The main downside to privacy fences is that they can be fairly expensive and time-consuming to install. If you’re not handy, you might need to hire a professional to do the job for you. This is ultimately what we ended up doing for my second dog Remy.

Attractive alternatives to privacy fences, dog houses, or dog pens, invisible fencing systems interact with a special dog collar to keep a dog in a defined area. As the dog approaches the boundary, the collar vibrates and then gives an electrical correction when the dog has gone too far. Invisible fences do this while maintaining an open backyard with a clear view. Yes—invisible fences are considered safe for dogs and won’t hurt them. Always make sure to properly train your dog on how to respond to the boundaries of the fence, and keep an eye on your dog when it’s first getting used to it.

Keep in mind that while the receiver is charging, it won’t be on your dog. And if you forget to charge it and the battery dies, there will be no audible alerts (or corrections), which increases the likelihood that your pet will leave the yard. Most traditional underground electronic pet fences use a replaceable receiver battery with a lifecycle ranging from 3 months to two years.

If shoppers want to create a wireless boundary for their dog to play in, they will want to consider the PetSafe Stay & Play wireless fence. This kit includes a wireless transmitter with a power adapter, a rechargeable collar receiver, and 50 boundary flags. An additional transmitter can be added to overlap and expand the range. Invisible Fence offers guarantees and warranties on our products including a One-Year Money-Back Performance Guarantee on professionally installed, premium outdoor Invisible Fence systems. We also offer a minimum of a one-year equipment warranty and many of our systems include a lifetime equipment warranty. Invisible Fence can be installed on large acres, small parcels and uniquely shaped properties.

You will receive the best fence building experience available, from your initial contact, all the way through installation. If you are looking for the most dependable and qualified fence company, choose Superior Fence & dog fence outdoor professionally installed Rail. These invisible fences from PetSafe are also compatible with the PetSafe PIF-300, which is the original PetSafe dog fence and electric collars. Yes, you can definitely install a wired invisible dog fence yourself.

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