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Post-mounting brackets or anchors to install a chain-link fence on concrete cost $15 to $35 each. Alternatively, cutting a hole in the concrete to insert the post costs $125 to $250 per project, depending on drilling or sawing depth. Privacy fabric screens for chain-link fences cost $1 to $6 per linear foot, depending on the height, light-blocking capacity, and design. Fence privacy screens typically sell as rolls 25′ to 150′ long and 4′ to 8′ tall.

dog fence average cost

This split-rail wood fencing with galvanized or vinyl-coated chain-link mesh is easier to install. A well-applied coat of clear sealant will allow the wood to weather slowly and gracefully, whereas a coat of exterior paint can add color to a plain yard. The fence installers or painters can complete this step, or homeowners can learn how to stain a fence themselves. dog fence average cost Depending on the type of sealant and the size of the fence, this can cost $750 to $4,250. Alternatively, vinyl fences never require paint or sealant of any kind, which may make them a more affordable option in the long term. When you decide to go with a taller option, expect to pay a privacy fence pricing per foot of $7 to $17 per linear foot for the material.

If you are not confident in your ability to train your dog yourself, hiring a professional dog trainer may be necessary. The cost of professional training sessions can range from $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the trainer’s experience and location. Discover articles on how much an electric dog fence costs, installation tips, and benefits.

Though chain link itself isn’t aesthetically pleasing, there are several methods of covering up chain link to make it more attractive. Maria Martinez is a dog lover who likes to write about different dog products. She likes to share those products which she owns and uses and provide honest reviews about them.

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