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The War Against Invisible Fence Break Locator

Things You Need To Know About Invisible Fence Break Locator

But, before fixation, you need to locate the break in the wire, which is, undoubtedly, a very daunting task but not impossible. Save the $70 and make your own DIY locator using an AM radio and a lawnmower using the spark plug method. The most common way to find a break is to use an invisible fence break detector.

invisible fence break locator

However, before digging, we’d advise you to double-check the breakage using the wire locator system. And for this purpose, nothing is invisible fence break locator better than a short loop test. The wire is mostly insulated, so the users can lay it around swimming pools and vegetable gardens too.

invisible fence break locator

This method will allow you to check up to 2000′ of underground wire till you find a break. If you have a longer segment than that just use the method from both ends for 4000′ of total checked wire. If your section is longer than that see the short circuit method above. Most invisible fence systems offer between five and 10 correction levels to suit different situations. For example, you can up the intensity if your dog does not respond to lighter modes or choose a lower level if you have a small dog.

With the transmitter sending out signals, the receiver detects them and converts them into electronic impulses. If you encounter any issues during the testing phase, refer back to the documented locations of the identified breaks and focus your troubleshooting efforts on those specific areas. This will help you address any remaining breaks and restore the fence’s functionality. Soft Dog Crates are both attractive and durable, easy to set up, and extremely lightweight. Our wide selection of portable dog crates and collapsible dog crates make them an excellent choice for the family that travels with their pet.

Using a wire locator to repair the break yourself is less expensive than hiring a contractor to complete the work. Once you have successfully located the break in the electric dog fence wire, the next step is to dig and repair the break. This involves exposing the wire and fixing the damaged section to restore the integrity of the boundary.

Wire break locators specifically made for invisible electric dog fences usually connect to the twisted wire that plugs into the transmitter box. The locator is then held all along the whole perimeter of the boundary wire, close to the ground in order to properly receive a definite signal from the wire. Once it moves over the wire break, it will beep, letting you know at which point to start digging up the dog fence wire system and make repairs. We offer outdoor and indoor wireless and wired electric dog fences. PetSafe underground dog fences and wireless dog fencing is designed with you and your pet in mind. Also, have a look at our SportDOG and Perimeter Technologies dog fence systems.

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