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The Value Of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Giving Dog Fence Wire Break Kit As Gift ideas

Our eXtreme Max Brand Wire is coated in a thick, 60 ml polyethylene jacket, which is the best coating available today. It has been thoroughly tested and tried for maximum performance. The highest-quality, solid core dog fence wire available, our eXtreme Dog Fence Max Brand is made right here at home in the USA with imported parts.

dog fence wire break kit

An invisible fence is an effective fencing system to keep your pets safe within your yard. This Standard Kit has the same transmitter and collar as the Pro Grade Kit. However, the Standard Kit comes with 20 gauge wire, and does not include a surge protector or twisted wire. So, if you are looking for a kit that comes with the best wire, you can select our eXtreme Dog Fence® Pro-Grade Dog Fence Kit for a great deal on this best-selling brand. In order to help prevent a potential wire break or short, you must insulate the wires.

Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

Attach the mesh to the last post to complete the fencing installation. Use pegs to secure the wire to the ground at every 60cm, then cover it by adding a layer of soil or mulch over it. If you want to make your fence even more robust, consider using concrete to secure the middle posts. Good for obedient and well-trained dogs that do not try to dig, chew or jump over boundaries and/or pets that are supervised at all times.

We adopted a senior dog that had been tied up her entire life, so we knew we wanted to fence our backyard so that she could run free for the rest of her life. It is nearly an acre, much of which is wooded, it slopes, and has very uneven terrain. This extra Reciever Collar can be used to add another dog or as a replacement collar to the Stay + Play dog fence wire break kit Wireless Fence™ Wireless Containment System. With the pet containment system, your pet can roam – and you can relax, knowing he’s as safe as he is happy. You should also ensure your original splices and wire connections have a solid connection. You can check your dog’s collar using the short loop test if the beeping stops during the short loop test.

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