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The Value Of Dog Fence Wire Break Kit

The Myth About Dog Fence Wire Break Kit Exposed

Ensure everything is properly calibrated and adjusted for optimal performance. As you move, the locator receiver will emit a beeping sound or provide a visual indication to signal the strength of the signal it is picking up. The signal will be strongest near the break and diminish as you move away from it. Remember to double-check all settings and adjustments on the transmitter and collar receiver. Sometimes, incorrect settings or low battery levels can cause issues with the signal transmission.

dog fence wire break kit

You can also use a voltage tester to see if the wire is broken. You can use it on the disconnected wires to test for resistance. You should wrap spliced areas of dog fence wire in PVC tape to ensure proper waterproofing, silicone wire nuts, or gel capsules. The wrapping will create a seal to protect the copper wire inside. Why pay $150 for a technician to repair your dog fence wire when you can do it for almost nothing? If you find a break in your invisible dog fence, you don’t need to change the entire fence wire.

All that you need to do is to take the 2 ends of the wires that you wish to connect and twist them together. Twist the included wire nut around the ends you have twisted together. This capsule protects and encases the joined wires tightly together, with a seal that is waterproof. DogWatch Inc. was founded in 1990 to offer innovative pet containment solutions that use radio-frequency technology to eliminate the need for a physical pet containment barrier. If you prefer using wire nuts instead of tape, insert the twisted joint into the wire nut and twist until it’s tight enough. For the D-I-Y types who have experience working with electronics, here are a few tips if you wish to attempt the wire repair on your own.

When we bought our house the fence was already installed but it was one of the best features of the yard! Our dog is part beagle and is prone to wandering off following a scent so this fence is perfect. We have 2 Great Danes (175# dog fence wire break kit and 156#) and ordered the Max-Strength Kit. We are very satisfied with our purchase and highly recommend the fence kit. This anti climb, anti dig and anti chew system make it easy to provide safe and secure areas for my clients.

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