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The Unexposed Secret of Invisible Fence Collar

The Lost Key Of Invisible Fence Collar

The wire should also be inspected periodically for damage or breaks, and any repairs should be made promptly to ensure the fence is functioning properly. Some breeds may require more intensive training to adapt to the fence. To use this, dogs must be over eight pounds and have neck circumferences of inches. invisible fence collar The wire is 14 gauge and very durable (it may require some extra muscle to weave it into the transmitter). Be aware that your dog shouldn’t wear this while in the house because of false corrections spurred by metal objects. The portability of this electric fencing kit is what draws many customers to it.

invisible fence collar

Sound, vibration, or static prompts can be used to keep the pooch within the perimeter boundaries. A major benefit of the GPS element is the ability to track the dog if it escapes. Seven correctional levels of the Extreme Dog Fence also provide leeway when teaching your dog not to cross the boundary. And apparently, their customer service is above and beyond normal companies if you need help with training and setup. PetSafe Stubborn Canine Fence is placed here because although it’s very good at correcting stubborn dogs, it did pose a problem for some owners when it came to the wire getting chewed through.

invisible fence collar

Invisible dog fence costs typically start at around $100 for cheaper kits that only support one dog. Mid-tier kits will run around $200 to $300 but are often modular, meaning you can get a price that suits your needs exactly. Then, products such as the SpotOn GPS collar for dogs, which allows you to fine-tune what GPS coordinates your dog can roam in, can cost north of $1,000. Here’s an overview of each major factor so you can get a handle on what you need to know to get the most out of your invisible dog fence. Otherwise, the system works very similarly to other PetSafe wired underground systems, just attenuated to smaller dogs. One notably nice bonus, though, is a reflective strap on the collars that help you find your small dogs, even at night.

With underground fences, a trench is dug along the property line (or wherever you’d like to establish the boundary), and then a length of wire is placed in the hole. The main transmitter unit connects with the physical wire perimeter, which then communicates boundary information to the dog’s collar. Wireless dog fences send radio waves that the dog’s collar receives. Underground dog fences send signals through the wire for the dog’s collar to pick up. Depending on the dog’s proximity to the edge of the invisible fence border, the strength of the frequency will change.

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